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Zsuzui Starkloff Investigation


Zsuzui Starkloff Investigation as Mother of Kenneth R. Whitehead.

Too accurate over the manner in which she met Prince William, in no other romance are the couple so fixed in their manner and date of meeting. Zsuzui may have known William before September 1968.

Zsuzui Starkloff is too transfixed with Prince William, she will do anything for him and allows William to overcome her life very quickly, establishing a fast interest in flying, Zsuzui Starkloff is influenced by William to obtain her commercial pilots license. Since Zsuzui Starkloffs experience with Prince William, she has maintained either a personal or professional relationship with aircraft and was heavily under the influence of Prince William.

Zsuzui Starkloff appears as a Goth, who will have children out of wedlock.
It is proven Zsuzui Starkloff had a previous child, a daughter to a previous marriage, thus Zsuzui Starkloff can have children and she was only 31 years old in 1968, which made her more than capable of becoming pregnant to Prince William at the time of their meeting in 1967/1968.
In 1968 & 1969, Zsuzui Starkloff returned to New York on her own near Christmas time for several weeks to apparently see her daughter, though it may have been to have a child.
There appeared to be an urgency between prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff during the latter months of 1968 as if there was something serious and difficult situation.

Prince William rushed off to visit his parents during this period, in the New Year of 1969.
During 1968, Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff were deeply in love with each other and inseparable.
In the book, Prince William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince, there are too many vague discrepancies during 1967 to 1970 and a lack of information upon dates of meetings and movements, other than when Prince William apparently arrived in Tokyo and Zsuzui Starkloff supposedly first met William and this does not make sense. It seems that the entire meeting history and relationship is very vague aside from the first meeting, which appears to have been deliberately fixed so as to likely confuse and move the timeline relating to Zsuzui Starkloff giving birth to Prince Williams illegitimate child.

There are virtually no entries in the book of Prince Williams life for the whole of 1967 and it was entirely feasible that given the links of Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff that they could have met much earlier than the Autumn of 1968 as was stated in the book. Mrs Starkloff was a seasoned flier.
 Kenneth Whitehead, William’s son, had a lazy left eye, which is clearly a deliberate injury from a surgeon as in Kenneths school photographs, you can see the scar remaining on the upper eyelid. This suggests a link to Japan, where the abusers are also suggesting Kenneth Whitehead is a half-Jap as Kenneth was likely conceived in Japan and born in New York is the current compelling theory.

Kenneth Whitehead has a complex mix of Austro-Germanic-Hungarian, Slavic DNA which originates in the centre of Europe, where East meets West, with Hungary being right in the centre of the DNA trail.
Kenneth Whitehead also has a very pale complexion, this was a source of ridicule at school for Kenneth, who appeared as milk-bottle white, Kenneth did not tan very well during the summer months and Kenneths skin pigmentation is obviously that of a people race that originate from a cold country and with Hungary having a very cold climate, surrounded by Alpine regions, including the Carpathian Mountain range of Romania/Moldovia to the East, The Bavarian Alps of Germany to the North and the Italian/French Alps with Switzerland to the South West, Hungary very much fits as a part-hereditary origin for Kenneth Whitehead. The rivers of the Capital of Hungary, Budapest freeze over in winter time.
Zsuzui Starkloff has the same pale skin as Kenneth Whitehead and Zsuzui Starkloff is of Hungarian Origins, she was born in Hungary. Kenneth is known by Prince Charles as ‘The Pest’ (from Budapest).

Kenneth Whitehead in appearance of pale skin, blond then dark hair and the DNA trail simply does not originate entirely from any British region or area, Kenneth Whitehead is not entirely British.
Kenneth Whitehead as an adolescent had rapid and long hair growth and for many years, would grow his hair very long, there are photographs of Kenneth Whitehead having very long hair.

Zsuzui Starkloff had very long dark hair throughout her being photographed with Prince William.
Zsuzui Starkloff has a round face while Prince William has a round/oval face and Kenneth Whitehead has a less oval and more round face, a split combination between his likely mother, Zsuzui Starkloff and his likely father, Prince William.
The pattern of both Prince William and Prince Richard having blond hair as children, then progressively turning brown and black is the same pattern as that of Kenneth Whitehead, though Kenneths pattern was slightly faster than that of Prince William and Prince Richard, likely due to Zsuzui Starkloff having a fixed darker hair gene from birth, which is likely.

Other physical and bodily features of Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff are apparent upon Kenneth Whitehead, who is in effect a combination of a half-way product of the features of the parents in this case. Everything from hair to toe line and features are effectively a half-way spit as found upon Kenneth Whitehead gained hereditary from his likely parents, Zsuzui Starkloff and Prince William.
Zsuzui Starkloff has auburn features in her hair in certain lighting conditions and so has Kenneth Whitehead as seen in various photographs. Kenneth has the same hairline as Prince William though has not suffered serious male pattern baldness as Zsuzui Starkloff has obvious hair features that prevent Kenneth from balding. Kenneth has the same, slightly upturned nose as that of Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff with a slight protruding area south of the bridge.
Kenneth has brown eyes the same as Zsuzui Starkloff and Prince William.
Kenneth Whitehead has an Earline that is a 50/50 split between Zsuzui Starkloff and Prince William and is very similar to both people.
Kenneth Whiteheads teeth and mouth is very similar to Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff.

Given that Zsuzui Starkloff has apparently gone along with the alteration of the timeline of meeting Prince William and given the Occult codes in all of Kenneth Whiteheads official birth records, it cannot be ruled out that a royal occult child was made to order from Zsuzui Starkloff and Prince William, though perhaps Zsuzui Starkloff was unaware of the future plans for her child.
There were difficulties within the relationship relating to Zsuzui Starkloff being twice divorced and of a different religion to Prince William, that an illegitimate child would have likely been too much for the relationship and potentially the real reason why the relationship dissolved in 1970.
Should Zsuzui Starkloff be of probable Hungarian Jewish origins, this presents serious difficulties given the extent to which Israelis protect their citizens and Zsuzui Starkloff may have been the subject of successive bribes along with other individuals, groups and even nations that attempt to intervene to ensure the human rights of Kenneth Whitehead.
This scenario also makes it far more credible that various groups have been likely milking the situation for financial gain and bribes, in particular the Scottish people, who live off of English Bribes.
With such irregularities as have already been found and the historically dangerous groups and nations involved in this case, likely being Britain, America and Israel the Worlds most heavily armed and aggressive nations, it becomes even more likely that Kenneth Whitehead has been the subject of successive Death Plots against him as has been the findings within the 2 Biography books upon the subject of Kenneth Whitehead being an illegitimate member of the Royal Family.

Curiously, it also appears that Kenneth Whitehead has been the subject of a Police Fit-Up or Framing campaign especially by the Police in Strathclyde, Scotland and in particular relating to the serious offence of Rape that the Police attempted to pin on Kenneth Whitehead in 1989. There are undoubted visual matches and relationships between the Face of Kenneth Whitehead, Prince William of Gloucester, Zsuzui Starkloff and a Police Photo-fit relating to a serious Rape Case that was committed in August 1989 in Balloch Park, Strathclyde, Scotland. These circumstances have unquestionably held back, the development and financial progress of Kenneth Whitehead.
Without any question or doubt, Kenneth Whiteheads true circumstances as an illegitimate member of the British Royal Family have been hidden by the Authorities as far as possible so that heinous and serious crimes could be committed against victim, Kenneth Whitehead.
There are strong Occult Undertones throughout the findings that correlate and match the various people involved in this investigation, namely Kenneth Whitehead, Prince William of Gloucester, Zsuzui Starkloff and a Police Photo-fit relating to a serious Rape Case that was committed in August 1989 in Balloch Park, Strathclyde, Scotland. Scots Police likely attempted to frame Kenneth for substantial Bribes.
It is likely that if not entirely planned as an occult abuse plan from the outset, once Zsuzui Starkloff conceived a child from Prince William, the circumstances thereafter took upon the form of a beasting campaign of violence against Kenneth Whitehead and effectively a planned Horror Story, likely from British sources as Kenneth Whitehead was hidden as an apparent insignificant child within the British Community and on a routine basis, it was only British sources that had the opportunity of contact with Kenneth Whitehead and most of Kenneths problems originated unquestionably from British sources.
Zsuzui Starkloff originates from Hungary which ruled over Transylvania, Count Dracula’s haunt, as part of the Hungarian Empire in the dark ages and all of the extensive evidence fits the circumstances.
HM The Queen did not want Prince William to marry Zsuzui Starkloff and neither did Prince Williams immediate family of father, Prince Henry and mother, Princess Alice. Zsuzui was just being ‘used’.

Any child born of the affair between Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff would not have been at all welcome by the organisations responsible for Royal Family Security. Great efforts would have been taken to cover-up the childs circumstances or the child would be murdered, possibly at a later date to in the language of MI5 & SAS, to close the book on the affair.
Kenneth Whitehead, William’s son to Zsuzui has suffered repeated attempts upon his life for decades.
It is also possible that Zsuzui Starkloff gave birth to Prince Williams son in the early months of 1969 and the child was then swapped with the illegitimate child that was already placed with Mr & Mrs Iain Whitehead. There was likely to be higher than normal levels of intelligence within Prince William & Zsuzui Starkloff child that a few months would not make a difference. The weight and size of the children would have been an issue, though not an insurmountable one. There was the matter of the child being accepted by Mr & Mrs Whitehead, which would have unlikely been an issue as Mr Iain Whitehead was a member of The Royal Navy and was easily persuaded over any subject by senior officers within the Navy.
 In this event the timeline issues are minor of Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff meeting and having an illegitimate son becomes less of a relevance and the timeline therefore actually becomes relatively accurate and once again represents a valuable piece of information that fits the investigation and matches Kenneth Whitehead as the likely son of Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff.

The timeline is theoretically, by statements within the Biography upon Prince William, incorrect by a few months, though information has been given which negates this minor discrepancy.
Should the timeline have been incorrect by over 9 months or indeed a whole year or more, or 4 years as example, then the case becomes weakened substantially, though still not impossible. A method of making a baby of 6 months into a 4 year old would be to increase its growth hormone and diet and make excuses over the childs inability to converse. The fact is that there are so many people that are utterly disinterested as to what is happening in prams and cots that really only the child's parents have any real contact with the baby and only then, after experience and some time spent with the child would the parents have any idea that something was wrong with the child. The original child of 4 years could be replaced by a mentally abnormal child for 3 years and then replaced with the much younger child of 6 months, physically overdeveloped though mentally abnormal relating to a 4 year old child. However, the 6 month old childs mind develops normally and is a pleasant surprise to the parents when the child begins to find its way at last. By the age of 11 years, the young child is only 7 years old and should the parents have been intelligent, the child may have not lost a great deal of ground in school and perhaps be placed middle of the class. As time progresses, the childs age difference becomes less of a relevance and less noticeable in terms of development and indeed, the child may even benefit from such a crash course in schooling and increase the development of the child and its capacity for success.
Given the above possibility, there was at least a 3.5 year time frame where any illegitimate child born from the affair between Prince William and Zsuzui Starkloff could have been successfully relocated with adoptive parents. In the event, by all accounts of sketchy evidence by Zsuzui Starkloff herself, only a 6 month to 9 month time discrepancy was apparent and needed to relocate the illegitimate child with adoptive parents, which was not a difficulty if required.
Given these considerations and findings as above, there will undoubtedly be a portfolio of illegitimate Royal Children within MI5 The Security Service with various internal books and manuals upon the manner and techniques upon how to deal with illegitimate Royal Children and how to create their mysterious disappearance within the population at large and cover-up the sensitive issue of illegitimate Royal Children born from love affairs. This issue is simply just another Intelligence Operation and as Britain likes to keep its Secret Agents bloodied, ie; working constantly on ops in the Nelson Way of Ceaseless Training or Conflict, the practice of disposing of illegitimate Royal Children via a range of covert techniques is likely not a substantial or even a difficult matter for those within MI5 and the Organisation which is The Security Service.
Finding the relevant information has been a very difficult task as people, groups and the British Authorities have been keeping Kenneth Whitehead and his friends away from the evidence and the Police have in fact been removing evidence from the Whitehead family home and other residences that Kenneth has lived in. Without question, the British Police, in particular, the Scottish Police have been evil thugs.
Only with the acquisition of the book, Prince William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince and then really only 2-4 pages are thereafter relevant, along with 2 articles in National Newspapers, The News of The World on 27.08.1972 and The Daily Express of 29.08.1972 is one able to piece together the information to find all of the relevant matches upon the case. Without this crucial information, the case would be obscure!
Kenneth has an appearance very, very similar to Zsuzui Starkloff and many people will believe very quickly indeed that the two are indeed mother and son. We are honest people and will not lie in this case!

As a young man, Kenneth had a great deal of long, flowing dark hair, this was a combination of Kenneths hair growing at great pace and density coupled to the fashion of the day.
Look at photographs of mother and son in the ‘Facial Appearances’ & ’Genetic Links’ Chapters to refresh your memory amid digesting many of these other points of evidence and tell-tale factors.
Kenneth does have some empathy with his mother, Zsuzui, there is substantial evidence that Zsuzui has been trying to contact him and have some involvement with Kenneth from an early age.
There was a clear record of Kenneth meeting his mother, Zsuzui in Rosyth in 1977, seen below, that completely fits the description of Zsuzui and indeed another family of Starkloffs  Kenneth remembers when he was a pupil attending Kings Road Primary School in Rosyth, Fife in the late 1970s, Zsuzui visited his school and ended up taking Kenneth to a model shop in Dunfermline some 4 miles away in a large Daimler car. Kenneth had a Spitfire model bought and went for a walk in Dunfermlines Carnegie Park with Zsuzui. The model Spitfire was duly built by Kenneth and Zsuzui returned a few weeks later where Kenneth presented her with the nicely constructed, well painted model.

The young girl, as depicted below, was completely dressed in nice tartan skirt and jacket and had a tartan umbrella. The woman was wearing glasses and fits the description of Zsuzui.


Until 2 years ago, the book, ‘Prince William - The Pioneer Prince’ was unavailable to Kenneth and his clerical team even after it was ordered several times on the internet and long before this, the book was unavailable through the Library Service in Scotland and second hand book shops based in Glasgow’s west end. Only the modern Internet saved the day and brought Zsuzui to everyone’s attention, in 2012 as the prime suspect as natural mother of Kenneth.

Piecing together this huge mystery has taken 25 years and has been a substantial and laborious effort, though there is considerable evidence that arises from the first 2 books that Kenneth co-wrote upon the subject, the first in 1993-1994 and then in 1998, which was finished off by various people in 1999-2000 as owing to Kenneth‘s car crash of 10.02.1999, he was unable to continue the biography.

A UK Police Force, proven to be ’awash with criminals’, have failed victim, Mr Kenneth Whitehead’!
We hope the content of this website ‘allows all concerned to focus upon a compelling reality’.


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