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Prince William & His ’Witchcraft Boy’…
(Please view the book, William of Gloucester - Pioneer Prince, page 136, as above).
Picture of Evil. Prince William pictured with a little evil looking wood carving in the shape of a young boy. Note how the right eye is smaller than the left. Kenneth suffered an apparent attack from most likely a Royal Navy Surgeon to cause damage to Kenneth’s left eye ligaments and so initiate a lazy left eye as some form of ‘witchcraft occult homage’. Note that the occult typically operate in opposites, using mirrors, reverse meanings and so on, thus the evil wood carving has a smaller right eye, thus Kenneth’s left eye was chosen for the operation. Such a visual facial injury was designed to keep people away from the victim, Kenneth, as a warning and to keep people away from the witchcraft subject and to also make the victim a source or ridicule, instead of people aiding the victim, the desire was to ensure people would ‘join the sick fun’ and further attack the victim! The above photograph is a witchcraft image of Prince William with illegitimate son, Kenneth.


It does appear that there is indeed a clear link to suggest a compelling element of physical ritual occult abuse of Kenneth in this illustration. The photograph, left, is of Kenneth, far left and a young friend at 13 Tovey Road, Royal Navy Married Quarters, Rosyth Naval Base, Rosyth, Fife, Scotland. Kenneths left lazy eye can be clearly viewed in this photograph which does provide a link to the above photograph of Prince William and ‘’his little witchcraft wooden boy’’.

Such physical abuses of Kenneth while also abandoning him as a boy in Scotland, to hopefully obtain a rough Scottish accent and tinker dialect, which Kenneth does not at all suffer from, is all designed to make assisting witchcraft victim, Kenneth, highly unappealing and unattractive. 

 The African Voodoo Mask Mystery Solved
Kenneth R. Whitehead’s Mysterious African Masks & Dolls from Grandmother, Mrs Jessie Whitehead

During the Mid-1970’s, the Grandmother of Kenneth, my late husband’s mother, Mrs Jessie Black Whitehead, journeyed to South Africa, near Johannesburg to spend a holiday with friends of her late daughter, Miss Annette Whitehead, who was tragically killed in a head-on car crash in February 1966 in Lomond Road, Balloch, Strathclyde.

The people Jessie stayed with in South Africa were a Mr Alex Muir and a Mrs Rae Muir who formerly lived in the Balloch and Vale of Leven area. Jessie was quite evidently journeying to South Africa to visit old friends of her dead daughter of ten years to relive better times and to find some form of spiritual fulfilment.
 Kenneth’s grandmother, Jessie returned to Scotland with a large number, more than a dozen, strange and often grotesque African Masks, some colourful, others simply black or dark brown in colour. Jessie also had 3 African dolls, each no more than 7 inches tall, two colourful, one in black with the left eye missing. Many of the masks and the dolls appeared to have demonic or very angry faces and were very strange to give to Kenneth as a young boy of approximately 6 years old.

For several Birthdays and Christmas occasions, Kenneth’s grandmother, Mrs Jessie Black Whitehead, would give Kenneth one of these strange African masks or a doll. The masks all had deep inset eyes or left eye smaller than the right and had teeth missing or scars on the face. A few masks dismantled through having 2 or 3 interlocking pieces in the face.

These strange and grotesque African masks were by far the largest presents Kenneth’s grandmother, Mrs Jessie Black Whitehead ever gave Kenneth as she did not like Kenneth very much, exacerbated by the fact that Kenneth was English.

Mrs Jessie Black Whitehead was an ardent Scottish Nationalist and attended Scottish Highland Dancing social clubs,  meetings and competitions all of her life. Jessie listened to Scottish Bagpipe and Scottish Folk Music continually in her home and was a long great admirer of Scottish Folk Singer favourites such as Andy Stewart and Kenneth McKellar.

It is likely that given Kenneth’s grandmother, Mrs Jessie Black Whitehead grew to dislike Kenneth quite severely, that all of these African masks & dolls were some form of Scottish Witchcraft or Voodoo remedy by Jessie to cause Kenneth harm.

There has apparently been a history of involvement in Witchcraft within the Whitehead family.

Apart from these African masks, Jessie never gave Kenneth birthday presents and very rarely gave Kenneth a Christmas present during his childhood and refrained from giving Kenneth any presents at all after Kenneth reached the age of 12.

(Please view the book, William of Gloucester - Pioneer Prince, page 136, as above).


Keep Kenneth Broke or ‘Son Broke’ Code
(Just Like Dad, Prince William)
Satanists with a good grasp of the archive history upon Prince William have likely been committing ‘Witchcraft Devil Worship Abuses’ upon William’s son, Kenneth, by reflecting upon aspects of William’s life and attempting to duplicate these upon son, Kenneth in the manner of, ‘like father, like son’, though in Kenneth’s case just far more extreme, to maintain the weight of ‘devilment’ among occult abusers.

This would explain why Kenneth’s financial history has often been altered or interfered with.

 (See Prince William The Pioneer Prince book, page 76).


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