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Zsuzui Starkloff Codes


Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff & Paul Curtis Occult Codes

There are compelling codes that very obviously linked the pre-adopted name of Kenneth Robert Whitehead, namely, Paul Curtis, to Kenneth’s Natural Parents, both Zsuzui Starkloff and Prince William of Gloucester and the Gloucester Title. Please view the principal codes below, in hand written form.


There are many Occult Codes throughout the History of adopted family of Kenneth, ‘The Whiteheads‘, that link with serious traumatic events that have plagued the unsuspecting Whitehead Family for Generations, including apparent Murders and Mysterious Deaths. There are too many Occult Code Findings to list here, though please look out for more Press Releases at a later date.

Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff & Paul Curtis Occult Codes
One aspect of the case that has hampered the investigation has been the lack of cooperation by the regular, uniformed Police Force who shun all requests for proper assistance in the matter.

The thousands of Occult Codes associated with the case and victim, Mr Kenneth Robert Whitehead are very clear evidence originated from Police Sources of the plan for Prince William’s son to one time lover, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, that this illegitimate child, Kenneth, was to be used for Devil Worship purposes.



The Paul Curtis Codes that provide the Link between Kenneth R. hitehead and Prince William of Gloucester are recorded within these chapters. The people noted upon these Records are obvious stooges to provide a false identity for Prince William’s illegitimate son. The child recorded upon these documents is ‘’Paul Curtis’’, who when adopted by Mr Iain & Mrs Pamela Whitehead was name-changed to Kenneth Robert Whitehead. Upon these pages are true evidence that illustrates the false Birth Identity Papers of Kenneth R. Whitehead. The Entry of Birth Certificate that notes ‘Paul Curtis’ below is name changed for Kenneth Robert Whitehead.


Other Occult Code Examples
 Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff was formerly, Miss Zsuzui Lehl, which translates very quickly to ‘Miss Hell’ from Transylvania, the historic resting place for Count Dracula and other haunted relics.
 Please view below a newspaper article extract from page 6 of the Chronicle & Echo of 30.08.1972 that confirms this finding.
 Other codes readily linked to the pre-adopted name of Kenneth Robert Whitehead, namely, Paul Curtis and to his mother, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, include rearranging the letters of Paul Curtis, to obtain: ‘A Jew Screw’ and ‘Jew Fucker’, obviously hinting at Prince William of Gloucester.

Royal Navy personnel used to make comment that Kenneth could run all day long and Kenneth’s adopted father, Iain was encouraged to work Kenneth excessively. Other comments were made by Navy personnel that Kenneth ‘had a good motor in him’, or ‘a good heart in him’. This is likely occult reference to Kenneth’s natural mother’s name ‘Zsuzui’, sounding akin to the Japanese Motor manufacturer, ‘Suzuki’. A host of other linking codes and riddles exist.

There is no dispute regarding these obvious and unquestionable occult codes to link the crime and continued occult ambitions of the British Authorities to further abuse victim, Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead.

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