Duke Of Gloucester Reunited

Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead


A Royal Legend
Born from the love affair between Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972) and his girlfriend, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, a Hungarian-American lady, Kenneth shares all of the traits of his natural parents.

Both Zsuzui and Prince William’s brother, Prince Richard were successful in Art & Design, Zsuzui is a qualified fine artist while it is known Prince Richard is a qualified Architect.
Kenneth studied at Glasgow School of Art and has a Diploma in Art & Design while also writing over 20,000 songs among a host of Literary works. This is yet another genetic match to mother, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, who is an expert in several languages, words and songs being the same coded system of thinking and therefore a significant genetic trait.

Kenneth has compelling physical similarities to his noted natural mother, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff and Prince William of Gloucester & family.
Prince Richard and a number of other public figures have acknowledged that Prince Richard has accepted Kenneth as his relation.

It appears from all evidence that Kenneth was either swapped with another child in 1969 or 1970 as he has official British Birth Records that note Kenneth as being adopted, his birth name being ‘Paul Curtis’, officially born to a waitress a Mrs Dorothy Joy Curtis, on 25.09.1968 from Truro, Cornwall, England, (an innocent MI5 stooge in this matter).
However, this identity is false and merely a ploy to cover-up the truth. 

The other case scenario is that Prince William met Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff before they are said to have begun their romance, in September 1968, the same month and year, Kenneth is Officially Recorded as being born.
People understanding these circumstances must acknowledge that in dealing with Royal Security matters any such plot or operation to cover-up an illegitimate Royal Child will be intelligent, detailed, complete.
Kenneth’s adopted parents, Mr Iain R. Whitehead and Mrs Pamela A. Whitehead renamed him ‘Kenneth‘.


Kenneth R. Whitehead
International Sporting Champion
Champion of Champions
Holder of Unbeaten Records - Age 16

Kenneth, son of Prince William (d.1972) is the Great Grandson of King George V and Queen Mary.
A slightly obscure figure within Britain today, Kenneth is by all records one of the most talented people in the world today with a host of accolades in a range of subjects and has a very substantial collection of Literature, Designs and Artworks held in the National Archives of Great Britain.
Indeed, Kenneth has written over 20,000 songs including a 1,111 song album titled ‘Great Adventures’ with his own vision of a music band he named ‘The Tiny Little World’.

A qualified Interior and Commercial Designer, Kenneth has over 20,000 designs and architectural building plans to his name, over 1,000 fine art pieces and has written over 1,000 motion picture scripts.
In his mid to late 20’s, Kenneth became a self-made millionaire and by 29 was worth £1.5Million.
Kenneth should be one of Britain’s wealthiest people with a fortune of more than £100Million as this is the present value of a Personal Injury Case for Kenneth due to being victim in an incident on 10.02.1999.


Kenneth is the blueprint for King George

Looking closer at the current Royal Family, it is believed that Royal Insiders and the Family themselves are so impressed by Kenneth’s hard-won records and achievements that they are attempting to model the breeding of King George upon that of Kenneth in order to obtain a character of similar ability and substance as we have Prince William siring a son to Kate Middleton who has some Jewish Bloodlines and long dark hair coupled to a University Education all very similar to that of Kenneth’s natural mother, also of Jewish extraction, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, who had a son, Kenneth, to Prince William of Gloucester. 

Kenneth R. Whitehead - Royal Genius

1985, Age 16. These were Kenneths sporting glory days at their final peak after obtaining European & World Honours. In 1985, Kenneth led a Sea Cadet Team that won the entire trophy collection of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Northern England. Many unbeaten records are still held by Kenneth to this day, including being the youngest yachtsman to win:
(i). The Senior Cadet Yachting Championship Series.
(ii). Round The Bridges Race.
(Port Edgar - Round Inchgarvie - Port Edgar).
(iii). The Endurance Yachting Regatta. 
(Port Edgar - Round Inchcolm - Port Edgar).

HMS Victory
Symbol of Naval Excellence
Majority of these yachting races have subsequently been shortened, abandoned or adapted completely due to Health & Safety concerns with many incidents and accidents being prevalent throughout Kenneths experience of the various tournaments held on the Firth of Forth, including many capsizes, broken bones, cuts, bruises, head injuries and so on due to bad weather or the rigours of serious racing.
As example since the mid-90s:
(i). Sea Cadets are no longer allowed to race from Port Edgar in West Lothian, around Inchcolm and back to Port Edgar, a combined distance of around 20 miles.
(ii). Sea Cadets are no longer allowed to race from Port Edgar in West Lothian, across the shipping lanes to round Beamer Rock in the middle of the Firth of Forth and back to Port Edgar in West Lothian.

Such were the serious wind conditions, tides, rain and cold weather, the Northern Series was known as the toughest challenges within the Sea Cadets with the final Winner and Champion of this hard series winning in effect, The Victoria Cross for Boys.
Kenneth was helm or captain of all racing yachts since 1983. Crew of this era was Mr Alan MacKenzie, also 16. Kenneth was an exceptional young man with a host of very advanced, often unique abilities.
The photograph below gives an indication of the number of trophies Kenneth was awarded with, which included the outright Champions Cup for Yachting, (below, top left), along with cups and / or trophies for:

(i). The Senior Cadet Yachting Championship Series.
(ii). The Endurance Yachting Regatta. 
(Port Edgar - Round Inchcolm - Port Edgar).
(iii). Round The Bridges Race.
(Port Edgar - Round Inchgarvie - Port Edgar).
(iv). Best Helmsman.
(v). Winners Shield and Plaque. (see right).
(vi). The Junior Cadet Yachting Championship Series.
(vii). Best Junior Helmsman. 
(viii). Best Junior Helmsman of All Time. (special award).
(ix). Other Trophies & Commemorative Medals.

Part of Kenneth's trophy collection of 1985
Photograph left from the Helensburgh Advertiser, 13.09.1985.
Also present on the table of silver trophies left are silver cups and shields that Kenneth won for Shooting, Orienteering, Rowing, Football and Swimming. The outright Champion Winners Cup for the Pentathlon Event is also present left. A rare showing of The Pentathlon Cup was also awarded to Kenneth, which only recognises the Cadet Team that has won all 5 National Tournaments of the year.
There were a host of other awards and medals that Kenneth received which are not pictured here.
University and Glasgow School of Art

The Genius Kenneth R. Whitehead pressed on with other engagements and achievements and his sporting feats were never again repeated by any person. Kenneth increased his commitment to Design and enrolled into the famous Glasgow School of Art on an Arts Course while also developing his well honed skill in the specialised subject of Fine Art and Interior Design.
 Paintings on this page are all from Kenneth and are photographic representations from the originals which have been executed in the oil upon canvas medium.
 Right is a self-portrait of Kenneth at the age of 19 years which has been displayed in several notable Art Galleries.
 (Please note the 3’ x 4’ self-portrait is presently a stolen work of art, believed to have been taken from Kenneth’s former public house owner’s accommodation in Campbeltown, Argyll, any information as to the painting’s whereabouts should be reported to the Police or Interpol).

 Kenneth excelled in every task and subject placed before him by the University and was on course for major honours in education, having already achieved a Diploma in Art, and a post graduate course at the London School of Art awaited Kenneth along with a Degree Placement at the renowned Kent Institute of Art and Design.

However, Kenneth left full-time education to concentrate upon his commercial interests which included a design company and a Research & Development Organisation, which would lead to Kenneth becoming a self-made millionaire in his mid-late 20’s. Kenneth suggests that it was his ‘rather unusual’, research and development company that made his wealth rather than attempting to reproduce the same educational patterns time and time again akin to the other students of his era. Indeed, Kenneth was the subject of some ridicule for in many ways, ‘going it alone’ with this unusual research organisation that served to fuel ideas and new methods of operation for a young entrepreneur though it was this structured system that set Kenneth on his way to potentially becoming a very wealthy person and most likely attaining Billionaire Status in his late 50’s or early 60’s.

Kenneth owned several small companies from the tender age of 16 and by his late 20’s, Kenneth’s small group of companies were valued at an amount approaching £1.5Million. There was a plan for Kenneth to open his own Art Gallery and Architectural Design Studio in the London area with several International Satellite Studios around the World thereafter.

Kenneth was very much like his father, Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972) in terms of his taste in attractive ladies and a particular personal interest in collecting luxury sports cars, owning Porsche and Ferrari Marques.

It is recognised within the art world that large figurative pieces such as Kenneth has initiated on this page are very difficult to successfully accomplish out of all of the different genres of painting. Much easier styles of painting to conduct are abstract types, such as those efforts by Prince Harry and slightly more taxing are animal or fish paintings of the type that frequent British Art Schools over the last few decades.

Both of these oil on canvas paintings on the lower half of this page are in the region of 5feet by 6feet in size with the figures being almost full size and are exceptional works for a young artist.

Kenneth R. Whitehead
Future Billionaire & World Champion in waiting

Once Kenneth had established his Architectural & Design Practice, design examples featured upon this page, then coupled to Kenneth’s property company he would have moved to a financial position which would ensure other projects became a success. A large number of financial plans and programmes offer significant proof that Kenneth was to become very wealthy indeed, coupled to the fact that Kenneth’s Architectural & Design Research Company was showing strong signs of improvement on a month by month basis, which is significant in terms of increasing the value of Kenneth’s overall company group.

There is no doubt that Kenneth would have earned the capital to initiate his own World Record Attempts, likely the Land Speed Records for Jet Bike & Jet Car, below are 2 suitable designs from Kenneth. The 100ft+ long bike on the left is capable of over 1,000mph while the 180ft+ long car is capable of more than 2,000mph. Kenneth did have plans to take 12, a dozen World Records utilising his own designs for the challenge. (Severe Disability, Inc. Blindness & Paraplegia on 10.02.1999 cancelled all of Kenneth’s plans).

World class designs - From Kenneth R. Whitehead

At the point of being victim to a car crash on 10.02.1999, Kenneth had earned £149,977 in his final year of working life and had substantial Cash Funds also, all substantiated by Forensic Accountants.

This business and financial company aside, Kenneth also had his ‘Tiny Little World Collection’ of over 10,000 songs and poems, over 10,000 designs and fine art paintings and over 1,000 movie scripts/ideas, which once developed accordingly, would be worth potentially a further £1Billion, certainly more than £100Million as it was this Research & Development Company that essentially led the whole Business.

Over the span of his life, Kenneth would have likely earned over £374 Billion by the age of 70 years.
Classic designs by KRW, New Royal Yacht seen below.

£100M personal injury compensation case

Sadly Kenneth was victim to a very serious car crash on 10.02.1999 and has been unable to work since this time, nor will Kenneth be able to work in the future.
Kenneth’s Compensation Case is presently a mere £100M and should be much higher, around the £1Billion+ mark easily and this figure is only requesting £1 for every £374 that is owed to Kenneth and that represents unprecedented value for Britain. Bear in mind that Kenneth needs this £1Billion and it is his money to spend as he likes, though even severely disabled, Kenneth would still like to sponsor several World Record Attempts, incorporating the spent vehicle design into buildings, such as using a winning aircraft design to form the main body of a building, such as an airport restaurant along with charity projects.

Kenneth R. Whitehead is also a philanthropist & charity patron
Aside from his many, many achievements, Kenneth is also a charity worker, see above right, a hall for youth groups to share & meet.

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