Duke Of Gloucester Reunited


Prince Richard

Very few people venture to Prince Richard’s meetings, lectures and talks and there is little if any of a public audience surrounding Prince Richard’s public duties nor has there been much interest in Prince Richard, a qualified Architect, for well over 20 years. Richard is almost an anonymous royal character.

Again, just as with Prince William, Kenneth does have some regard for Richard and Kenneth’s education as a Designer and strong Interest in Politics and Economics, which enriched Kenneth as a young man were obviously genetic values born from both William and Richard. There are many things that British Security can remove or alter, though in genetic terms, not William & Richard’s brains and therefore high intelligence still remained within Kenneth, hence Kenneth’s powerful problem-solving abilities. 

In equal terms, it is evident that Prince Richard has made some form of effort to assist Kenneth, William’s son to Zsuzui Starkloff, which is commendable and welcomed by Kenneth himself.
However, we must also consider the secretive and negative sides to the people in this former mystery.
The ‘smug-pug’ stare below, of the affectionately titled, ‘Proggy’, hides a dark family secret.


We have some difficulty regarding this picture, Richard is facing the wrong way on a wooden chair, smarmy, swotty, slight brooding intelligence with a slight smug or smart look upon his face, he is half smiling, his eyes are slanted, closed slightly, he sadly has the appearance of the class sneak!

Prince Richard may be unwittingly in ‘super-slime mode’ here and with only self interest at heart!

Both William and Richard have a form of Im it attitude, though serious failings in the true cool department, with their smug swotty appearances, Richard especially, and undoubtedly spoiled lifestyle with little real care for anyone else. They know they are well looked after rich kids and love it!

Richard was always the little sneaky younger brother to the ‘put-on dashing’ Prince William.
Given Prince Richards history and appearance, his brother Williams manic attitude to life and apparent undiagnosed mental condition, it is not outside the realms of possibility that Prince Richard in some way to a lesser or greater extent plotted to allegedly murder his older brother, if even in jest.

Prince William was too much a dotty rebel for the Royals and William had an eye on being Monarch, stating that he, Prince William ‘…would make a good King!
There is little doubt that Prince Richard may utilise his obvious devious intelligence to create and hatch exceptionally cruel plans against family problems and may readily give the order to murder Williams son, Kenneth, in order to protect Prince Richards estate and his own interests.
Prince Richard appears as the definitive Spoiled Brat & is certainly not to be believed or trusted!


Super-Geek, Prince Richard, pictured on previous page, held the fort to prevent William’s son, Kenneth claiming his birth rights. Prince Richard may have acted with serious criminal intent in conjunction with the highly corrupt British and American Police and Intelligence Services for over 40 years.

Britain, America & Israel have Protected Prince Richard’s Aryan Family seen below left.

Happily pictured left, the perfect family, are Prince Richards three children, Alexander, Davina and Rose with late grandmother, Princess Alice at Barnwell Manor.

A long line of United States Presidents, British Prime Ministers, European Presidents and Heads of State around the Globe, by written agreement protect Prince Richard and his, to be quite frank, little Nazi family who have substantially profiteered from being possibly party to disadvantaging the Jewish and Israeli contingency within their family, namely Zsuzui and William‘s son, Kenneth.

We believe that the legal and family rights of Kenneth have frequently been sold off in rounds of Diplomacy between nations who should otherwise assist Kenneth & obey the law.

British Security may well be gloating over the operations they have initiated and in particular, their Diplomatic powers ensuring Kenneth obtains a lack of support from his other home nation, Israel, though the situation is a changing one.
What a coup for Britain, having Israel protect Prince Richard and his little Nazi Aryan Family!
The ultimate deception campaign Britain pulled off right under the noses of an embarrassed Israel!
Richard married a Denmark born blonde by the name of Birgitte Van Deurs, who originates from a prominent family of lawyers and it does appear that by calculation or less likely, by chance, that Richard and family have incorporated people into the household who can largely assist a challenge to their estate, with son, Alexanders wife being formerly, Dr Clare Booth.
A doctor in the Gloucester family can bolster any psychiatric assessment of the Gloucesters and act against Kenneth greatly via contacts, associations and alliances constructed during her career. It really does appear as if the highly devious Prince Richard has thought of everything.

Pictured below is Prince Richard and Birgitte on their wedding day in July 1972 as illustrated on page 161 of Prince William of Gloucester - Pioneer Prince.


Among the ruins we shall find a Phoenix and all is not lost in this case, for we expect Prince Richard to see himself and brother, William for past failings and Richard should come sharply to his senses and begin to once more assist the situation, cooperate with ongoing investigations in Kenneth’s favour and to assist his late brother’s son, Kenneth whom Richard should indeed be very proud of.
Kenneth has been treated as Black people once were, led into a wilderness and deprived of wealth and rights while falling foul of a misplaced heavy stick, this poor treatment must be consigned to the history books for good!
Both William and Richard have made mistakes, now is the opportune moment to set these behind the family and to begin afresh. There are some positive aspects to take from these circumstances, such as finding a special relative in Kenneth, William’s son, who’s endless talents truly reflect the desires and aspirations of William and Richard in a very real way. Richard and family can also feel proud that they assisted Prince William’s unfortunate son, Kenneth and be relieved of a portion of ill feeling conscience.
The Family Estate - Barnwell Manor

The Gloucester Family had bouts of good fortune and fair estimation as business people, extensively noted within Princess Alice’s Memoirs, page 115, though scarcely worked at the subject, buying Barnwell Manor for £37,000 in 1935 selling off the tenanted part of the farm in 1945 for £47,000 retaining the Manor and a large portion of land, then extending the estate to 5,000 acres by way of more shrewd property acquisitions. However, Barnwell Manor has at times been poorly managed, comments noted on page 173 of Princess Alice’s Memoirs that the family began an ‘uneconomical dairy farm’’.

Richard sold off the family silver and other assets through a Christies Auction Sale in 2006 in an attempt to protect his perceived assets and likely in an attempt to prevent Kenneth claiming his share, thus Richard is to some degree, an alleged criminal, a thief and has been perverting the course of justice in fine form as he has been doing for over 40 years.

Kenneth has met Prince Richard previously, without any agreement struck between either party, Richard just seems to hide behind the highly corrupt British and American police services who protect Richard with every resource as they are as they view it, ‘protecting their national heritage’, that so much effort has been invested into the special relationship between Britain and America and the members of the British royal family that they just can’t be seen to be criminals can they?
The position may change, however, these are the facts thus far and the present position.
We do expect Prince Richard to properly and humanely address this family issue and assist to honour and compensate his brother’s son, Kenneth. We shall be required to report this and that shall greatly alter the reality of the position and our at times, sceptical opinion of Prince Richard presently.
Prince Richard is fully aware that his brother, William’s son, Kenneth deserves his portion of the family inheritance though Richard may apparently believe that pressing, enrolling and enlisting corrupt police officers and military personnel along with whinging around Price Charles and pals for any ‘loose’ SAS heroes to simply ‘deal with Kenneth’. It is still possible to ‘put matters behind us in a positive way’.
Richard has been selling off the Gloucester family jewels in auction rooms around England like the ‘family silver was being got rid of in a car boot sale’. In 2006, Sotheby’s quickly held a large auction of Gloucester family treasure which raised a large sum of money as Richard siphons off family inheritance.

A substantial catalogue was created to compliment the sale, which Kenneth’s representatives purchased on the internet for a high fee we might add. So sad is British society where illegitimate Royal children are forced to fork out a small fortune for the Auction Catalogue of their family inheritance which is being defrauded from them every hour of the day. A somewhat desperate Prince Richard may be found ambling around society pubs with pockets full of Prince Henry’s watches, rings and other family trinkets, Richard selling everything off for a decent cheque, fist full of dollars or jar of coppers for smaller items.

It is a desperate measure and indication of the predicament when the family silver is quickly sold off…

A fully aware Prince Richard understands that his brother, William’s son, Kenneth, is owed the titles, ‘Duke of Gloucester and Earl of Ulster, Baron Culloden’, these would have passed on to Prince William’s issue and not Richard’s, this is automatic and cannot be credibly disputed.
Richard is also fully aware that as time has moved on, William’s son, Kenneth, has been quite obviously deprived of his family and birth right to his share of the inheritance which includes a half share of the 2,500 acre estate that is Barnwell Manor and that he, Prince Richard and family have enjoyed 45 years of exclusive use of Kenneth’s half share. Kenneth was a property expert prior to the attempt upon his life in a car crash on 10.02.1999 and would have returned Barnwell Manor Estates into a highly profitable enterprise. This opportunity has been deprived of Kenneth due to family dishonesty thrust into his path.
Richard is all too aware that given these two facts that a court would likely find that as Prince Richard and family have enjoyed Kenneth’s half share for possibly the greater part of Kenneth’s lifespan and Richard and his advisors have been incapable of operating the estate to a high degree of efficiency and profitability that Richard should have given up the estate and handed it to Kenneth to 95% of it’s value.
It is this reality that gives Richard all of the grey hair he has and as one issue of many, ensures the powers at be in Britain’s underworld establishment view the situation as a great threat to Royal Life, hence the endless stream of murder plots against Kenneth.
The reality regarding Barnwell Manor is that the present family of Prince Richard, wife Birgitte, son, Alexander, along with daughters, Davina and Rose in all Moral and Legal Terms likely now own very little of Barnwell Manor Estates, certainly less than 5%.
Richard and family have been ‘queening it up’ for decades using Kenneth’s hard won share to all of their advantage and possibly laughing at poor unfortunate Kenneth making a slog of life while they sit back and smile, having another sip of Kenneth’s champagne and putting their feet up on his ottoman, sleeping in his bedrooms, eating his cordon bleu dinners and so on.
What form of justice is this from Britain’s Royal Family and indeed Britain’s Law Courts as a great many people, including all members of the Royal Family, many Politicians, Judges, Lawyers, Public Figures and Celebrities know of this very serious and terrible, Royal Family ‘dark secret’ and indeed, most if not all Royal Family Members, along with likely some celebrities and many others have been at least accessories if not ardent contributors to this serious crime and perverting the course of justice.

A fully awake Prince Richard is almost certainly entirely aware of the long and extensive history of crime that has been encouraged and indeed has been committed against his brother’s son, Kenneth, born to William’s partner and lover, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.
Prince Richard must also understand that illegitimacy is not leprosy or any other contagious disease, the condition is one that the unfortunate child has thrust upon him often by irresponsible parents. It is Richard’s brother, William that is Liable for Kenneth’s terrible circumstances and to a degree any snobbish, sick feelings towards Kenneth, in conjunction with those that take it upon themselves to feel so, in such a mentally unwell way. Sad so it is that Kenneth was taken advantage of in infancy without the means to obtain any representation or legal assistance.
The majority of children these days are born to affairs and unmarried couples or single mothers, illegitimate children born in society is a way of life for the people of Britain and always has been.

In recent times, the increase in illegitimate children has spiralled to the point where the subject is barely a conversation point and the education within the community is more directed towards religious integration rather than the acceptance of illegitimacy.
Kenneth has no concerns regarding being an illegitimate child, the subject has never troubled him.
Not only Prince Richard but the vast majority of The British Royal Family should refrain from the deluded security chase against Kenneth and seek psychiatric assistance for any feelings of hate and revenge towards Kenneth.
There is a strong sense within these chapters of having ‘caught the other side’, the secret is no more, the genie is out of the bottle and the case is drawing to a close.
Kenneth is satisfied that there is a form of closure upon the subject, that he, Kenneth was right all along and should not have been questioned over the subject in the first instance. Kenneth is entirely Innocent!
Richard, we believe will find it within himself to be honest, decent and understanding in this case and to assist Kenneth’s investigation team wherever possible.
Richard ensuring that any remaining questions are answered and information is handed over to Kenneth is important along with various other helpful pieces of information to concluded matters.
Kenneth has in his possession, more information and evidence to confirm he is the son of Prince William than is required and by some margin to previously convict a person of serious crime, such as Murder!
It is a ridiculous idea to further reject or cast doubt upon the case, we all know the truth!
To all intents and purposes, the case is now closed!
Having assisted Kenneth previously, we are sure that Prince Richard will wish to help Kenneth once more and to also ease his conscious in respect of his late brother’s memory, Prince William for whom we should finally remember most for the good sides to his character.
Kenneth hopes that a positive final ending to this once difficult case is in sight for all concerned and that all concerned will be able to put a troublesome past behind us and a new chapter may begin.

On reflection, within any decent psyche, Richard will be content at the truth having won through.

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