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Royal Love Affair - William & Zsuzui


A host of girlfriends behind him, Prince William appeared to settle down with a divorced mother in Japan, supposedly meeting in September 1968, by the name of Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.

Zsuzui was an attractive slightly petite brunette that spoke many languages and was pleasant and chatty, which always pleases the Royals as an actress or performer will always lift any occasion, hence why Royal Family members have frequently been seen dating this type of lady through the generations.
Zsusui was born in Hungary in 1936 and was 31 years old when she supposedly first met William in September 1968.

Mrs Starkloff matches the criteria for being a foreign espionage agent, being communicative, pleasant, speaking various languages and most of all, meeting William in a foreign land, when he was vulnerable and given his mental state, out of sorts with his environment. Zsuzui obviously acted in part as Prince William’s ‘mummy’ as well as his lover while living in Tokyo.
William and Zsuzui began to live together in Tokyo, as man and wife, they were undoubtedly recognised partners living under the same roof for long periods, this was the practical arrangement of the relationship, if they did lie publicly to of course protect in part, Prince William’s position.

There is no evidence that Prince William sired any illegitimate children other than Kenneth to his Hungarian born Partner of 2 years, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.
Unusual behaviour and factors continued to emerge from Prince William and indeed the romance with Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, take as example this article extract, left, in the Daily Express on Tuesday the 29th of August, 1972. The relationship appeared ‘tribal, sexual and at times - kinky’.
Something that emerges from the Love Affair is the highly unusual circumstances where Prince William obviously posed in the nude for Artist, Zsuzui to paint him as a nude doll in one of her artworks.


Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.
Zsuzui actually exhibited this artwork of Prince William naked in her painting, which for the late 1960’s, early 1970’s was a serious scandal in itself, aside from Zsuzui being a Divorced mother, older than William and being Jewish, all factors which The Queen found disgust with, despising this Royal Romance.

Reading the various accounts to Prince William and Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, you would believe that they were characters in a script for some form of soap opera such as Dallas or Coronation Street. Tabloid Newspapers were in their infancy and the papers needed to fill pages with stories, thus Prince William and Zsuzui were similar to David & Victoria Beckham in terms of Celebrity for the era, particularly given the American connection. Life for both within the love affair was of a bohemian existence where in Tokyo it appears William and Zsuzui lived together as man and wife in a small house often with the curtains drawn, candles lit and empty wine bottles strewn throughout. It was unquestionably a ‘hippie’ 1960’s lifestyle of love and peace they enjoyed, one where the couple grew together and of course Zsuzui easily conceived a son to Prince William in this environment. Both William and Zsuzui could have easily concealed the birth of Kenneth as some form of ‘mistake’, with Zsuzui having access to the powerful and secret Jewish Women’s Societies that could take care of ‘arrangements’, though British Intelligence appeared to deal with the issue of Kenneth’s disposal via their obvious SICCA Policy where they dispose of illegitimate Royal Children by giving them false identities.

Zsuzui has experienced the Royal Life and has unquestionable love for William, devoted and unshakeable in her love for William, she could likely future deny Kenneth was ever born, another one from William, ‘The Tricky Prince‘.

(Zsuzui pictured right in a News of The World article of 27.08.1972).
Prince William returned home at New Year 1969 To deal with a family crisis, while Zsuzui returned to New York. Was this period when Kenneth was born?
(See page 121 extract of ‘Prince William of Gloucester - Pioneer Prince’ Below).

Odd and Strange, this highly unusual Royal Romance and given the type of people William and Zsuzui were, committed to living together as man and wife and those bohemian 1960’s days, it was more likely than not that a child was born from the romance and was indeed, their son, Kenneth of course!

We believe that Prince William loved Zsuzui very much and that there was a strong bond between them, there were apparent efforts by both parties to resume their relationship and in the words of Zsuzui, just before the death of Prince William in August 1972, …‘it was not all over’…

It also appears that Prince William made some effort to assist his son, Kenneth, during this time and certainly, William’s brother, Prince Richard did make substantial moves to assist his late brother’s son, Kenneth at various stages in the 1970’s and beyond. Richard and the Royals ‘were not all bad!’
There was a strong possibility that William and Zsuzui may have resumed their romance and indeed, just as Prince Charles and Camilla did decades later, tied the knot in marriage.

Love for Prince Charming…
 Big news splash on Zsuzui in Sunday’s News of The World, 27.08.1972, William, likely confused over his feelings for Zsuzui, lost his concentration in an air-race competition the next day, dying in the blaze… 


 …though it may have been murder. Sabotage of some form cannot be ruled out as a contributing factor! 


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