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Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead - Son of Prince William of Gloucester. D.1972


This is a Human Rights Investigation Website in the interests of Mr Kenneth Robert Whitehead, who is proven to be the son of Prince William of Gloucester who died in an air crash on 28.08.1972 at the age of 30 years and his main lady companion of the era, a Jewish Hungarian-American, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, who was 31 in 1968. Over 250,000 pages of evidence, including Royal Letters support these facts!

This website certainly is no fraud or attempt to extort money from anyone though it is the summary of an extensive investigation of the British Royal Family that is over 25 years old, with 2 books having been written upon the subject, in 1993 and in 1998 / 2001, distributed nationwide, along with several websites over the years and a host of books, publications and articles lodged within the British Library and National Library of Scotland that cover the investigation in whole or in part. The 2nd book has been available via Amazon.com since 2003 and is still available today, though more facts are now known.
 Neither the Police or Intelligence Services or members of The British Royal Family have ever denied that Kenneth Robert Whitehead, officially born Paul Curtis, is in fact the son of Prince William of Gloucester who died in a plane crash on the 28th of August 1972. The evidence is now greater than ever before.

Barnwell Manor Estates
Since 1993, it has been confirmed that Kenneth is the love child of Prince William, initially it was believed and confirmed, Prince Richard was the father, then it transpired, his late brother, Prince William of Gloucester was the father of Kenneth. It was probable Prince Richard was initially implicated as the father by Royal insiders and Royal Aides in order to buy time that would then protect Richard’s family inheritance & estate that includes the Baronial Mansion, Barnwell Manor & 2,500 acres of prime farmland on Northamptonshire. Prince Richard has spent years ‘looting’ family heirlooms & assets.
 There is substantial evidence that proves Kenneth is the love child born to Prince William of Gloucester’s partner and lover, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, a Jewish Hungarian born Artist whom Prince William officially met in Tokyo in September 1968. Several attempts have been made by Royal Family sources to conclude this issue.

Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff fit’s the criteria of being the natural mother of Kenneth very well indeed and there are presently, no other suspects even after an extensive investigation upon the subject. All of the evidence points to Mrs Starkloff being mother of Kenneth. It appears most likely, Kenneth was born in New York City, USA, during 1968 to 1970, New York and Manhattan being the then home of Mrs Starkloff, an American Citizen since 1956. 

Viewing the extensive evidence upon the case, it appears that Mrs Starkloff has either been the victim of a Child Abduction or was coerced into abandoning Kenneth as an infant, with Zsuzui returning to romantic attentions back to Prince William. It is unquestionable that Zsuzui would do anything for William and undoubtedly wanted to have his child at an early stage of the relationship. Jewish people have abstract beliefs and are famous for having large families, thus when Zsuzui met and fell in love with William, her cultural instinct was to bed down with William and have his child. Growing evidence since 2011, matches Zsuzui and Kenneth as mother & child.

Returning to the period between 1968 and 1972, the British Media were just planting the Tabloid Seed that was to explode in the 1980’s, of gossip columns and magazines we see today, pouring from newspaper racks. Prince William was the oldest of the new generation of young Royals, that included Prince Charles and Princess Anne and coupled to the growing media hunger for a story to fill pages of emerging tabloid papers, William was often pressured into offering a media story. It was this pressure that led to problems within the Royal Family, William viewed as a slight upstart with an eye on the Crown and William’s misplaced and slightly out of kilter bravado, culminating in his death, possibly by murder at Wolverhampton Airfield on the 28th of August, 1972 when his aircraft became suddenly uncontrollable during the Goodyear Air Race, sponsored by the Daily Mail. 
‘SICAA’, (State Initiated Child Abduction & Abuse), appears to be the official policy for disposing of illegitimate Royal children born from Royal Love affairs, where the unfortunate child victim is removed and given a false identity and simply disappears into another life, with the British and American Secret Service continuing to monitor that child in an attempt to prevent it’s true circumstances from becoming public knowledge. This is a highly dangerous situation for any illegitimate Royal as the child can easily be exploited or further abused and ultimately Murdered without the reasons being properly understood.

Evidence in support of Mr Whitehead being the illegitimate son of Prince William and Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff is overwhelming as anyone shall likely agree upon reading the contents of this website.
Great Britain has a long history of Child Exploitation, from working children as ‘powder monkeys’ aboard fighting ships of the Royal Navy during famous battles such as Trafalgar of 1805 to the present day where children were sent to Australia and other ex-colonies, often for a new life of exploitation and abuse or other such evidence such as the recent Celebrity Child Sex Abuse Trials and in particular, the Jimmy Savile and Paul Gad or ’Gary Glitter’ cases.

Serious child abuse and exploitation is rife in Britain today and this Royal Case is Britain’s best kept secret with thousands of security personnel having been involved in Britain & USA’s biggest Cover-Up!
The SICCA policy of disposing of illegitimate Royal Children is another archaic one attached to Britain which given the desire for tradition and national stability has often shown a reluctance for reform. Given the SICCA policy is primarily attached to illegitimate Royal Children likely in the post WWII modern era and that all of the other exploitation cases around Britain have taken so very long to receive the attention they so deserve, it can be assured that the SICCA policy will be desired to be tackled last, if at all, due to The Royal Family’s Status.

Since the end of World War II, after the most demanding and successful Secret Intelligence Deception Training Exercise of all Time, Britain triumphant over the Nazis, all of the illegitimate Royal Children simply disappeared! However, these special children only vanished from public eye and publications, the real truth being they are still in existence today, only now they are the subject of the most extreme exploitation, cruelty and abuse.
On reading the information within this website, there is obviously a secret British policy to cover-up illegitimate Royal Children these days and has been likely as a consequence of numerous successful deception campaigns born from WWII in order that Britain ’gets it’s way’ and that the appearance of ‘gentile British stability, tradition and freedoms’ are maintained, though it‘s only a Great British façade and a deceptive appearance...

There has been some contact from the Royal Family and likely, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff herself, who has attempted to rescue Kenneth from his circumstances late in 1977, visiting Kenneth at his primary school at Rosyth, Fife, Scotland. However, British Security were successful in ‘muddying the waters’ until now.
Kenneth remembers clearly this woman, who fits Zsuzui’s description completely and indeed was called ’Susan’, the English sub-pronunciation of the Hungarian, Zsuzui. On this occasion during 1977, Zsuzui arrived with a group of people, to introduce herself to Kenneth, during class time. Several meetings ensued and Zsuzui even took Kenneth to his favourite model shop in Dunfermline, the ancient capital of Scotland, to buy a model Spitfire, which Kenneth duly constructed, painted and handed back to Zsuzui several weeks later at another meeting.
These meetings were obviously some attempt to strike up a relationship with the seriously displaced royal child, Kenneth, and to build up a bond with him.
However, during this period the excuse was made that the people involved with the repatriation were concerned how the public would understand this issue and that the experience was bringing back difficult memories of Prince William and his loss in the plane crash of August 1972.
There was a firm paper trail leading to Kenneth as by considerable good fortune, Various Codes linked to The Occult had been written into the Official British Birth Records of Kenneth, by Intelligence Experts, who was originally named, ‘Paul Curtis’, born in Plymouth, 25th of September, 1968. 
This appears bizarre and is, how may Kenneth have been born the same month that he could only have been conceived, though this is yet another Occult Clue to the operation in hand here. Kenneth was a very small child for his age and it is likely that he was swapped with another child of an adopted family, the ‘Whitehead’s’ between  1969 to 1970. This is possible and likely given it was obviously a covert military operation to protect the Royals. Other scenarios exist for British Intelligence to create a smoke screen.

Such Occult Codes could have only been originated by Military Experts in the Field of Espionage.
An STV (Scottish Television) Broadcast in August 1987 alerted Kenneth and friends of the era to the Royal Connection that Kenneth has, namely Kenneth is Prince William of Gloucester’s illegitimate son, born to William’s Jewish girlfriend between 1968-1971, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.
A smaller amount of Codes were found in 1987, though the case was quickly covered up until 1992.
Prince Charles has both written to Kenneth and met him on several occasions and Charles has assisted to a degree with the investigation. (Diana’s letter below has been authenticated by a Graphologist).

Kenneth has been a friend to Princess Diana, who wrote various letters to Kenneth during the mid-1990’s and touched upon the subject of Kenneth’s birth issue in connection to the Royal Family, particularly in September 1996, where Diana gave a further acknowledgement that Kenneth was a member of The Gloucester Family. Please view Diana’s Letter to Kenneth below.

Protecting Vulnerable People and Human Rights are at the Heart of this ‘Not For Profit’ website. 
The contents of this website are for the purpose of Private Study and Research. Portions of the story in whole or in part, including photographs and illustrations may be published without our prior written permission or authority. Kenneth is content for his story to be printed or discussed on radio or television.
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Note: Kenneth will likely change his name to Max, given occult undertones in ‘Kenneth R. Whitehead’. 


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