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Prince William


Prince William of Gloucester
1941 - 1972

Prince William’s son, Kenneth does have some respect for William, though there was a down side also…
William was often an impulsive and irregular figure within the Royal family, a rebel and misguided father of Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead (Officially Born, ‘Paul Curtis‘) What else may we say?
Prince William suffered a serious combination of physical & mental ailments that affected his judgement. 
While his son, Kenneth, has some regard for Prince William, his most likely natural father, William had many, many shortcomings and was a difficult personality for most. We do not believe William was wanted by many. Considering all of the evidence, we do not believe that Prince William found great favour with Queen Elizabeth or Royal Insiders and indeed, Williams only real romance, with Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff was dismissed by The Queen in a personal letter to William after William asked for marriage advice.
Why ask for advice as a grown man? It was also obvious William was trying to marry Mrs Starkloff.

Prince William of Gloucester pictured above - a slight oddball character within the Royal Family.
See Prince William above, with apparent, glazed drug addict eyes, having the passing appearance of a strange, Royal Teddyboy unkempt hair swept back and high hairline, an unusual character to say the least. William travelled Africa and Asia a great deal and likely became an illicit  narcotics user.
Note Williams slightly manic, glazed and intent stare, above, in the Royal Box at Windsor Race ground while The Queen looks on in relatively normal fashion. William suffered a serious mental condition throughout his life.
Sadly this was Prince Williams routine, having varied and slightly mad outings in a kind of eccentric way while also frequently dating numerous girlfriends. Newspaper records of some of his Stamford University conquests, above, …‘’while there, he said (bragged) he was ‘’dating four or five’’ American girls at the same time.‘’ Prince William was obviously a sex addict also!

William appeared to be a person who really believed he was something without having the substance to pull it off as second nature, as a true hero might. Reading through Prince Williams endless romps and adventures, you find a selfish madman living life as an old style buccaneer with little purpose or worth other than to persistently seek attention and cause a stir among Royal followers. Prince William, eldest of a new generation, that included Prince Charles, was under pressure to perform and was irresponsible!


Kenneth wishes he knew his father William, to advise him as William, ‘the misfit show-off’ was always heading for a fall with his misplaced slightly wimpish, put-on tough man attitude and that fall from grace would come on 28th of August 1972, when William, playing the hero as usual in tough guy language, bit off more than he could chew and unexpectedly turned turtle in his light aircraft while likely posing for the crowd and ended his life in a ball of flames, on 28.08.1972, though his murder cannot be ruled out. It is highly probable, Williams aircraft was tampered with shortly before his fatal air crash.

Prince William was suffering from a mental condition throughout his life, possibly sparked by his difficult experiences, age 3, during the Second World War, such as when his father, Prince Henry was travelling to Australia on 16.12.1944 to be Governor. The Gloucesters were almost sunk by a German U-Boat and then, near Australia, a Japanese Submarine. William was old enough to understand peril he faced but too young to understand the danger was under some managed control by The Royal Navy and that he was likely to survive the experience. A fleet of British ships were assembled to take the family to Australia which was a pointless exercise. William was likely suffering from early undiagnosed PTSD.

This letter, right, by William to Father Christmas at the age of 8 years makes record that William has had a problem with an ink pot falling over, illustrating a careless attitude from a young age, coupled to troubled writing. 
(‘Scary’ scribbled Prince William Note, right, from Pages 13&14 of Prince William, Pioneer Prince, (PWoGPP).

William had a pet sheep he named Sambo, before he obviously received any education upon racism, though William was easily intelligent enough to understand his mistake in labelling races of people and stereotyping even at a young school age. We believe this superior attitude was originated from his parents, in particular his mother, an authoritarian Scot who looked down upon other races and disadvantaged slaves and people as Servants to the British Empire and Monarchy.

The nickname ‘Sambo’ is significant as it has been a passing nickname given to William’s illegitimate son, Kenneth. ‘Sambo’ is obviously a derisory term to name or label anything or anyone and simply would not be allowed today in 2013. William’s mother, Princess Alice was a superior Imperialist and white supremacist judging from her memoirs and Alice obviously did not educate William not to use such derogatory terms. Could you imagine the debacle should Prince Harry have called his dog or sheep, ‘Sambo’? Kenneth was always called ‘the black sheep of the family’ by his adopted relatives, this was unquestionably a sick joke from Royal Navy origins relating to Prince William of Gloucester & this famous photograph of William & ‘Sambo‘. 
Kenneth’s adopted uncle John Smith (real name), a Scot, termed Kenneth, ‘Sambo’ as a nickname! 
(See Page 103 of Memoirs of Princess Alice).
There is a strong suggestion that as the oldest Royal child of his generation that incidentally includes Prince’s Charles, Andrew, Edward, Richard, Princess Anne and so on, that William was spoiled not only by his own parents but also H.M. The Queen spoiled William terribly and for periods, her could do no wrong. More Mental Illness displays itself in both William and Richard during The Queen’s Coronation in 1952, when both Paige boys make a disaster of The Queen’s wedding train, raising many eyebrows in the congregation.

Something of a late developer, William seemed to suffer from a learning disability in childhood, poor writing and flowing though processes litter his letters to his parents, these physical problems displayed in conjunction with some form of nervous disposition likely related to his particular age and traumatic experiences during the Second World War as a young child and being the eldest of a Royal Generation.
Part of William’s problem was physical mental disability and part of this was acquired mental illness. Recorded on page 18 of Pioneer Prince can be found the following statement extract upon William’s learning problem. Evidence of Prince William as a highly unstable character pepper his archive records.


William, the genuine fool was of course enjoyable at times to be in the company of, as William was adventurous, cheeky and frivolous, though were it not for his Titles and Royal Trappings, his reputation and indeed friendships would have undoubtedly faltered. Very often, William was tolerated by his crowd of part-time, often paid friends and hangers-on rather than enjoyed for an endearing friendship.
Many of Prince William’s escapades were poorly planned, ill conceived and indeed, dangerous.
William, the aimless idiot displays himself in fine form in the photograph below, right, where he is swinging upon the signpost at Barnwell, with little regard for damaging property or acting in any responsible manner, though that was William, exploiting everything around him for William’s entertainment and endless enjoyment and kicks as mummy and daddy and indeed, H.M. The Queen would pay for it all or fix it if required!!


This careless and carefree attitude emanated in dangerous mode from an early age within Prince William, which would infringe the Liberties and Rights of other people including young women, whom he dated as a young male dog would during breeding season.

William having Zsuzui pregnant would have been just for fun!
Prince William was aimless in life, not particularly academic, noting to his Cambridge University tutor, Fairfax on page 42 Of Pioneer Prince that ‘we are not a particularly bookish family’ and William seemed to just scrape by his exams and in obtaining his qualifications. On page 5 of Daily Express Article on 29.08.1972 it is noted that William never planned more than 2 years ahead in his life and had no real ambitions or goals in life. (Manic Prince William, pictured, right).
Prince William was very impulsive and though was not often openly psychotic had such tendencies, displayed more frequently from his thirst for adventure as he described it.

William wanted to lead a life that was long since abandoned in English Society of being the Indiana Jones type figure, exploring deepest Africa, flying around for no purpose other than for his own self satisfaction and to offer a bar room story for willing listeners. It was all seriously misplaced and highly irresponsible!
William was chasing long lost treasure, the buccaneer trying to rescue damsels in distress and was living out a dangerous schoolboy life of fantasy that was to envelope him finally! There was simply no purpose to William’s adventures, should he have been driving to the Sahara to undertake essential ecology studies with a dash of adventure added then fine thing, though all of William’s tales are of self-centred bravado aimed at being spattered across Britain’s Tabloid Newspapers.

Put simply, Prince William was akin to waiting for a boy band about to break onto the world stage, though without the music nor did William offer anything in the way of progress, William’s philosophy was quite simply, ‘look at me, aren’t l just great’, now for my next trick, why not create a stir by going out with a few married ladies? William had a real flair for abusing his position.

Eyes of a Madman? Prince William had slight crossed or bossed eyes. His left eye would open larger than his right and operated independently at times, giving William a slight ‘odd’ appearance. You can see this illustration from the photograph extract, right, taken from William, sitting with The Queen at Ascot in the Royal Box as printed in The Daily Express on Tuesday, 29th of August 1972.
Do you trust these apparent ‘drug crazed eyes’ of Prince William of Gloucester?


Kenneth was presented as a young boy with a left drooping eyelid, which we believe was created that way from British Intelligence sources to make Kenneth, instantly recognisable in a crowd while simultaneously attempting to ensure Kenneth was not photogenic and was an obvious ‘slant’ at his father, Prince William’s ‘silly eye problem’, the source of which was an at times, malfunctioning mind.

Page 28 of Pioneer Prince notes, William’s eyes, ‘as piercing as a thermic lance, demanded attention’…
William suffers from much illness throughout his childhood and early life, one such acknowledgement of this fact is recorded on page 29 of Pioneer Prince, Paragraph 1, ‘He had various bouts of illness during his first year’… speaking of Prince William’s first term at Eton Boys School in 1956, where William failed exams and showed considerable ‘bad behaviour’. In 1957, William continued to fail exams, ‘illness’ being cited as the reason. Page 32 of Pioneer Prince speaks of Williams ‘desire to attract attention to himself’ and ‘childish bitterness.’ All signs of early schizophrenia.
Writing a letter from Magdelene College, Cambridge, to an Army friend, William states, as recorded on page 38 of Pioneer Prince, William speaks of male members of

he Royal Family and Army Careers as not being ‘intelligent enough to employ themselves in other capacities’, William accepting he is conceited and arrogant in a way and such inappropriate comments frequent his entire life.
Falling out with the Army and Royal Family is not a very good career move for a young Prince.
Prince William stayed with a Mrs Whitbread in Scotland for long periods where as a likely cryptic clue regarding William’s son, Kenneth, was adopted by a Mrs Whitehead in Scotland, Reading page 38, 1st paragraph below letter. (William stayed with the Whitbread’s, his son, Kenneth also stayed with the ‘White head’s’ (almost the same), as a sick society joke, you begin to get the ‘witchcraft picture‘).
One of William’s many pointless projects was that noted below on page 48 of Pioneer Prince, where William experienced his 21st Birthday Party, attended by The Queen and then immediately the next day, 15.06.1963, Prince William and friends were driving off in a more than fully laden Landrover for Africa! Why did William do this? What was the purpose of this? This strange behaviour from Prince William was insanity! Such impulsive, unsettled behaviour suggests developing schizophrenia within William.
Surely it is more appropriate to enjoy the party and relax with your family for at least a few days.


Passing the point of any form of reasonableness Prince William’s Landrover was said to be ‘’grossly overloaded and it’s creaking heavy duty springs protested audibly all the way to Dover.’’ Little rational thought by Prince William was put into the timeline and practicality, the logistics of this so called expedition or it’s value. It is doubtful if William was actually capable of such rational thought and all of this hyperactivity is not the bravado hero bonding that William believed it to be but instead it is a clear illustration of a young man suffering from severe acute schizophrenia. William was likely suffering from the stress and pressure of being the oldest Royal of his generation and under immense pressure by the International press and media to ‘do anything exciting and interesting’ to attract the attention of the Press upon The Royal Family for photographs and so popularise this ancient family of Royalty!
William’s folly for press attention would within a decade captivate a nation as his life ended at Wolverhampton Airfield in dramatic fashion, very possibly assisted by an unseen hand given his controversial activities and obvious mental illness. William’s son, Kenneth find’s dad, really very sad!


From psychotic, glazed stares in Royal boxes, to dancing the night away with girl after girl to taking off at a moments notice to explore darkest Africa the morning after an obvious heavy drinking bout and William still obviously driving while drunk, with young brother Richard, unusual in appearance, the Gloucester Family have it all, that is, have it all in terms of being strange, aside from William’s son, Kenneth that is!
Prince William was a rebel and proud of this achievement, one of his few. However, William’s resources could have been put to much better use and he should have organised and structured his often meaningless life to be far more responsible and assist less fortunate people. 

It is obviously this impulsiveness and irresponsibility festering within William that led to Kenneth being born to one of William’s girlfriend’s in the first instance.
However, there is much greater blame and irresponsibility to be pointed at Britain’s Police and Security Services for covering up Royal errors of judgement and indeed Prince William’s obvious psychiatric illness in it’s entirety and indeed what William’s mental illness may mean for those closest to him and the public in general, such as serious crimes that include an abused illegitimate son… Kenneth.

Prince William arrived at Stanford University, California, USA in September 1963 and so began the American involvement with protecting William entirely and his memory and indeed the woman that he cared for most, mother of Kenneth, the Hungarian born Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, who was an American Citizen since 1956. This situation sadly placed Kenneth, an innocent child  most likely born in Manhattan New York in 1969, in direct conflict with American National Security, such as The FBI and CIA who have also worked to cover up these circumstances, which are a closely guarded UK & USA State Secret.

William’s mental condition inspired him not to name himself as he was and should be which is Mr William Windsor, though instead William dreamed up the fantastical and delusion title of naming himself ‘’William Gloucester’’, which is just strange, not an upgrade upon his normal name of William Windsor.
 Kenneth, William’s son, may be forced to change his name (to Maxvm), from that conjured up by the British Royal Navy of ‘Mr Kenneth Robert Whitehead’ as this has strong references to and means in occult language, ‘’Cock, Cock and Cockhead’’, explained in the British Intelligence Code recorded upon this website in their own chapter. Kenneth also desires to begin a new, fresh chapter of his life.
However in brief, ‘Kenith’ in Cockney, London slang means ‘penis’, ‘Robert’ or Bobby in Scot’s slang means ’Bobby-dangler‘, again, ’Penis’ and ’Whitehead’ is obviously reference to white sperm coming out of the end of the penis, thus, ’Cockhead’. Of course it’s unsavoury, though much of this whole operation against Kenneth is. No rational person would enjoy maintaining this abusive name indefinitely.


(page 63 extract of Prince William The Pioneer Prince noted above, page 64 below).

Sentence by sentence and paragraph by paragraph there are many more further lashings of Prince William’s serious mental illness and psychotic behaviour such as on page 64 of Prince William The Pioneer Prince noted above where William states to a very worried University representative in Dr Brooks where William shouts, ‘’Oh, no! l always drive flat out!’’ Why? Well, really, we all mean, Why? Does Prince William always find the need to ‘drive flat out’ when the rest of the human race with a little planning and forethought quite happily find our way around at normal highway speeds. Are you trying to be something you are not, William? Are you trying to be a ‘tough-guy’, is that your problem, well you really should just sit down, shut up and grow up, you utter idiot as you are just about to commit an innocent child to a campaign of the most serious child abuse at the hands of an equally irresponsible British and American Security Network! The world should learn from this big mistake! Utter fools all!

Abuses by Prince William upon other people, deliberate or not, pepper his Biographies, such as the account from his mother’s Memoirs, Princess Alice’s account notes on page 152 as recorded below in the extract from the book, the family assistant, ‘Eileen’ being hit unconscious by William, …(William) …‘‘threw an enormous stone which unfortunately hit poor Eileen just behind the ear… She was knocked out...’’

Whether as a problematic child or in adult life, Prince William was a highly unreliable and precarious character that was always in some form of trouble or other, given his irresponsible and erratic personality. Unlike other individuals who would for their own sake, have the benefit of the Police and Psychiatric Services to intervene in order to preserve life and property, Prince William, a bad lot, was simply given the run of The British Empire, given his luxurious and privileged position as Prince of Great Britain. It must be understood also that we are dealing with a time when Nazi Germany had been defeated less than 18 years previously in the early 1960’s and that Britain was simply ‘basking in glory’, what we may call today, ‘The Titanic Effect’, where the characters of The Titanic motion picture were swamped with plaudits and praise and simply wafted around aimlessly for a decade on the accolades.

It is obvious from reading all about ‘Just William’ that he could ‘Get Away With Anything’.

As you pour through book after book upon all of these minor Royal Characters and even the immediate Royal Family Members you begin to question the sanity and wisdom of even having a Royal Family of Ambassadors where all and sundry must clear a path for these highly pandered to people who perform no worthy function to the rest of us whatsoever. Worse still are the substantial bribes, very serious breaches in the Law that surround Royal Family activities which only serve to widen corruption, deceit and lies within the Police Forces that are duty bound by Law to Serve and Protect all of us!
Clearly, given the findings within these chapters, the serious abuse of William’s son, Kenneth, must stop!

Prince William of Gloucester - Mr Trickster

Mr Trickster, Prince William, is pictured right in a news article of 27.08.1972. Both the British and American Security Network have for over 60 years hidden Prince William’s long list of Crimes and Abuses of innocent people. Prince William is unquestionably a self interested Monster! William reminds us all of the type of person, that could quite easily trick women in particular into becoming ever adoring slaves to his fantasy of power and aimless self domination. The man had no plan but merely drifted from one adrenalin rush to the next, and girl after girl.

William was given misplaced adulation as the oldest of a generation of new Royals that were by far in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s under the most pressure of any batch of Royalty to perform ‘a series of tricks’ for the emerging Tabloid Media.
We believe this pressure contributed to exacerbating William’s serious mental condition and William did stick out as an irregular and rebellious individual among the new raft of Royals, including Princes, Charles and Andrew.

Desires by Prince William to frequently leave the country an travel from Britain to darkest Africa among other places, such as Lagos, Tokyo and so on, is a clear illustration of stress and pressure William suffered back in Britain. Flying is also a clear indication of William feeling under pressure in terms of transportation, where William would again and again, ‘get away from it all’ by journeying by air travel in his own private aircraft, rather than be stressed with the problems of fighting through London Rush hour as the highly recognised Prince William.

William’s son, Kenneth, does have some affection for him, though on analysing Prince William and his relationships, anyone would find deep concern at Prince William, his irregular antics and bad behaviour.


William’s choice of girlfriends are another indication of William feeling under pressure, where many of William’s girlfriends were older, married or divorced women, who would more often remain loyal and discrete and of course were well used to the routine of man meeting woman and quickly establishing a fulfilling sexual relationship. These more mature women can more readily be picked up and dropped off so not to interfere with William’s other interests, such as… finding more women…

Prince William also suffered from a serious skin condition named Porforia which is significant as sufferers experience outbreaks of rashes, sweats and nausea while also finding irregular patches of hair growing in unusual places. Kenneth, William’s son has very mild symptoms of this condition, including irregular patches of hair on his back and upper abdomen. Genetic matches of Kenneth to Prince William are absolute. Several DNA tests have also matched Kenneth to the Royal Family.
All of the indicators are here that given all that is fermenting within William, both from a physical and mental perspective, William must have been feeling very poorly frequently throughout his life, which are indeed the findings, though as with many sufferers of psychiatric problems, Prince William often puts his bouts of incapacity down to physical ailments and other matters he can find, given a rummage in an obvious book of tricks, tailor made for Britain’s… ‘Just William‘!

After graduating at Stanford University, Prince William was posted to Africa and Lagos in December 1965, where his famous ill health struck him once more, suffering jaundice and the effects of porforia, which contributed to difficult mental health that plagued William throughout his life.
 After Lagos, in September 1968, William took a posting to Tokyo, Japan, to become 2nd secretary (commercial), to the British Ambassador there and there was a strong suggestion that Britain and it’s Royal Family inner hub, simply desired to have William sent to the other side of the world, given his poor behaviour and ongoing antics. Prince William was ‘an irregular box of tricks’.
Aspects of William that endeared people to him were the sociability of William, though it was the recklessness and impulsiveness which was too much for The Monarchy.


Prince William of Gloucester & H.M. The Queen Mother


Prince William appearing at his brother, Prince Richard’s wedding as the eccentric comic figure dressed in dowdy suit with a large carnation, swept back lacquered Teddyboy hairstyle, unconventional, unacceptable and on reflection of his behaviour, a sad, physically and mentally unwell man.
A few weeks later, William would be unfortunately… dead!

The Death of Prince William of Gloucester
Prince William ended his life in a fireball at Wolverhampton Airfield on 28.08.1972.
Quite obviously, the strong possibility exists that William was murdered due to all of his stupidity and quite un-Regal antics that caused much embarrassment to Britain.

William may have been greatly admired from within the Royal Family though he was undoubtedly viewed as a serious problem also, with his strong Scottish ties, play-boy good looks and bad habits, William was seen as a threat and much as he was loved, many insiders would have liked to see him go. The Queen was watching her own family mature and did not approve of William’s romance to Zsuzui Starkloff at all, which carries serious undertones.

We all know now and understand when The Queen speaks of ‘dark forces at work in Britain!’ In terms of cloak and dagger work, the monarch often does not need to order a person’s murder, royal observers can see what has to be done!


It is bizarre that Prince William died in a fireball on the 28th of August 1972 as victim of a serious air-crash, wearing Zsuzui Starkloff’s ring, when only a day previously, on Sunday the 27th of August 1972, the front page of The News of The World displayed Zsuzui’s ‘Love for Prince Charming of England.’ Such rumours of a reignited romance were all that was required to justify pilot error as a cause of the accident, which may have been a cover story for Prince William’s murder. The unofficial unreported line was ‘’William lost it over the Mrs Starkloff front page spread in The News of The World, there was too much on his mind at the air race and he lost his concentration, then lost control of the plane over personal problems, that was the end.’’
However, the newspaper article and the story is just too convenient.

 (Left: William in his struggling aircraft just before death at Wolverhampton Airfield on 28.08.1972). 


Prince William of Gloucester - Possible Murder Victim

It is without question, William was in a great deal of trouble, his erratic behaviour, eye on the crown, strong Scottish links where a title may have been requested by William for himself along with MI5 and The Police being forced to use the ‘SICAA’ policy upon William’s illegitimate royal child, quite obviously to Zsuzui, Kenneth, where such infants have their origins covered up and are then subjected to varying types of child abuse. This coupled to the fact that Zsuzui is Jewish and Israel had just hammered the Arabs in several conflicts made the situation ‘very tricky’ for the entire British Establishment, UK Security and Royal Family, let alone, Mr Trickster himself, Prince William. Without question, Prince William, to the purists was an unconventional waste of time that had the run of The British Empire and who consistently emerged to embarrass the British Royal Family.


Prince William’s murder was barely thought of as a possibility in 1972, though with consideration of his difficult predicament in so many areas, William being murdered was very convenient to so many people.

Murdering someone by forcing an air-crash through tampering with the aircraft is a relatively simple task and once the aeroplane is out of control, death is swift and usually complete within seconds of the aircraft developing a major fault. Many high profile people have died this way. As reported in the Northampton Chronicle & Echo of Tuesday the 28th of August, 1972, right, ‘Enthusiasm Killed Him’, though it was likely that enthusiasm killed Prince William within the Royal Family and British Secret Agents did the real killing!

Quite obviously, the method to relieve Britain and Royals of blame and dust over the situation and put down any claims of foul-play was to find the man a hero in death, name the future heir to the throne after him, remember Prince William for who he was, recall the good times and then everyone move on…

There were clear symptoms within Prince William of a serious psychiatric condition, which was likely exacerbated from suffering physical symptoms from his many ailments, including Porforia, an often debilitating physical and skin condition that causes headaches and nausea.

History of both natural parents of Kenneth suggests that psychiatrists in Britain know of the genetic link between Kenneth & natural parents, William and Zsuzui & have rigorously pursued Kenneth  for at times, indefinite incarceration as a psychiatric patient, even though Kenneth  is well educated, articulate, highly intelligent, a professional Designer & Writer in conjunction with many former property interests as a top young businessman, being a self-made millionaire at the age of 28.

Not only have the British Security Services previously disguised the truth of Kenneth’s birth issue, they have presented Kenneth to many as a person suffering from a Mental Condition in an obvious though unsuccessful attempt to protect the integrity of the British Royal Family.

Kenneth and his Team now believe that many Psychiatrists and most Security Personnel believe his story to be truthful of events as experienced, that is of course the true reality and that far from being an individual experiencing a form of mental illness, Kenneth is more obviously a cool and calm individual subjected to unusual and extraordinary events he records for a large archive on the subject.

(See Prince William’s burnt-out plane, right, as recorded as a photograph in the Chronicle and Midland Counties Express on the 30th of August 1972). (Kenneth had a successful Royal DNA test match in 1993).
There is a truthful conclusion to draw as the final note upon Prince William of Gloucester, the most probable natural father of Mr Kenneth Whitehead by a factor of some 99.9% and that is Prince William is admired inappropriately by many, that the real William was suffering from a life long string of illnesses, many of these being psychiatric conditions to a varying degree of severity. William was at times, a creep, a villain and a rogue, his abuse of & overindulgence in women is testament to this. William’s adventures were often misplaced and were designed in William’s mind to seek attention to offer fuel for this false macho ride of excitement many remember him for.

As the end came to William, in the manner it did, this was testament to the folly of it all…

Murder motives may be the cause of Prince William’s Death and certainly cannot be ruled out!


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