Duke Of Gloucester Reunited

Facial & physical similarities

A person could be forgiven for thinking, looking at the photographs below, that they are all of prince's William and Richard, though are indeed mostly photographs of William, Richard and Kenneth as children.

(Photographs, left to right)
Very close similarities exist between all of the 3 children at the centre of this enquiry, namely, William, Richard & Kenneth.
All 3 children follow the same visual gene pathway, their hair is the same in texture, colour for their age and falls into it’s natural place, left to right motion.
1). Prince Henry with sons, William & Richard, 2). This photograph may be Prince William with nanny at the beach, though it is Kenneth and mother, Pamela, in Malta 1970.

3). Prince William or Richard in a small rocking horse seat? No, Kenneth as a child. 4). Again, this photograph could be either Prince William or Prince Richard with nanny, though it is Kenneth and mother in a caravan near Plymouth, England. 5). Possibly Kenneth at the beach in Scotland as Kenneth appeared very similar, though it is actually Prince William from the book, William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince. 6). Kenneth appeared virtually the same with regards to his facial features at the same age and this photograph is very similar to the one of Kenneth above with windswept hair, though the image is actually of Prince William. 7). Final photograph and the only colour example could be Prince William or Richard left, though it is Kenneth holding a gun standing with another child unconnected to the enquiry, who has a raised ’boxy’ head of thick blond hair.

Hereditary Gene Evidence Favours Mr Whitehead’s Case
A major genetic clue is the unusual manner in which on the previous page, all three children, William, Kenneth & Richard were born with blonde hair and then the hair gradually darkens to become brown and than black. This greatly reduces the odds that all 3 children are not biologically linked while the close facial appearances and matches to Kenneth of Princes William & Richard and mother, Zsuzui greatly increases the odds that these 3 people are biologically linked to Kenneth.

Photographs below are ‘’Mother & Son Genetic Visual & Features Match.’’
Photos were taken independently, Zsuzui in Japan, age 33, Kenneth in Scotland, age 13.

Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, in left photograph, son to Prince William (D.1972), in right photograph. 
Not only does Zsuzui’s son, Kenneth, appear to look very like mother, Zsuzui Starkloff, Kenneth also ‘’looks very Jewish’’ in appearance with thick, fast growing black hair at the age of 13 years above. As Kenneth entered adolescence, Kenneth appeared ‘very Jewish’ in appearance as above and appeared to look more like his mother in later childhood, at the age of 13 years, likely due to the smaller stature of children, though once Kenneth began to grow taller in late adolescence he began to take on more of the appearance of Prince William and as a young man in his mid-20‘s, Kenneth had a very close appearance to both Prince William and Prince Richard as may be viewed overleaf.  A cover-up of the love-child between Prince William and Jewish Married lover, Zsuzui was most probably ordered by British Intelligence, closely followed by the CIA and Israeli Secret Service, simply in the circumstances to remove the child to a secret location and give the child a new identity, the matter was, as far as British Intelligence was concerned in 1970 - Closed!

However, we believe that during the mid-1970’s, Zsuzui herself made efforts to find her love-child to Prince William and this initial contact arose suspicions and so began a long and arduous investigation…

We do believe that both Zsuzui & Prince Richard had misgivings and guilty feelings over the abduction.

Prince Richard and nephew, Kenneth look very alike

Facial and Appearance Matches Between Above Photographs & Images
 Investigation Successfully Completed! People above all have generic similarities to Kenneth.
 Pictures from left to right as follows; 1). Photo-fit of Rape Suspect, virtual double of ‘Kenneth as at August 1989. Scottish/UK Police attempted to ‘Frame‘ Kenneth with this small town Rape, over 1 year later, Police convicted Kenneth’s younger adopted brother, Grant Duncan Whitehead, who was a small child of 16 years at the time of the offence & looked nothing like the heavy-built criminal suspect.
2). Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff age 35 as at 28.08.1972, alleged Jewish mother of Kenneth and there are no other suspects in the case. 3). Prince Richard, current Duke of Gloucester in his late 40’s, taken c.1989. 4). Photograph of ‘Kenneth in his mid-20’s. 3 photos are unquestionably visually linked to Kenneth!
 Note: All photographs of Kenneth are presented from his own personal collection and are unaltered scanned images directly from the original. Photographs of Prince’s William and Richard and Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff have been found in the following rare Books and Newspaper:
1). William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince.
2). The Memoirs of Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester.
3). The Royal 100.
4). Daily Express, front page, Zsuzui Starkloff 29.08.1972.

Prince Richard & nephew likeness and genetic matches

(Richard above in mid-40’s, Kenneth photographed above at 25 years).

All of the physical, facial, generic appearances and traits are extremely good matches in relation to Prince Richard and Nephew, Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead, love child of Richard‘s brother, Prince William (d.1972) and Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff as can be seen from the photographic images above and previously.

It should be noted also that Kenneth is wearing glasses from 1991, top left, that are identical to those of Richard, bottom left, though Kenneth had no knowledge of Richard’s glasses style, another trait match.


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