Duke Of Gloucester Reunited

The Gloucesters

The Prince Henry and Princess Alice
The Duke & Duchess of Gloucester
Family Estate - Barnwell Manor


Prince Henry of Gloucester is the son of King George V.
Henry married Lady Alice, the daughter of the Duke of Buccleuch on the 6th of November 1935.
Please view below one of the photographs of the wedding day on the balcony at Buckingham Palace with King George V seen on the left of picture. Henry and Alice had two sons, William and Richard.
Prince William of Gloucester is the Grandson of King George V. Kenneth, William’s son is the great grandson of King George V and Queen Mary


Princess Alice was born on Christmas Day, 1901 at Montague House in London and as the family seat rests at Drumlanrig House in Dumfriesshire, (Pictured Below), in the Scottish Borders, Alice has typically referred to herself as being Scottish. Kenneth has suffered considerable problematic issues from Scottish sources over several decades and this association provides the negative link in this case.
Alice was created a Princess and The Duchess of Gloucester on marrying Prince Henry in 1935.
Family of Princess Alice hold The Duke of Buccleuch Title among other senior Aristocratic Accolades and are credited with being Scotland’s largest land owners and one of the most influential families in Scotland for centuries.
Princess Alice, the last of H.M. Queen Elizabeth’s ’old guard’ of a bygone era as it were, lived to over 100 years old and lived the latter years of her life in Kensington Palace, London.

Prince Henry is purported to have also sired at least one illegitimate child and illegitimacy within the British Royal Family is a common occurrence, though presently there are very few Human and Legal Rights for illegitimate children of the Monarchy and these children appear to be held within some form of barbaric security policy as ‘threats to the crown’ and are shunned by all as a state embarrassment.

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