Duke Of Gloucester Reunited

Introduction to Codes


Introduction To Codes
It is obvious that the various codes of evidence have been initiated as far as possible to indicate the obvious link between Mr Whitehead and parents, Prince William of Gloucester & Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.

Many of these British Intelligence Codes relate to Occult and Devil Worship Meanings.

It appears these codes must have been initiated by detectives, concerned over the nature of the operation of hiding the origins of a Royal Child. We very much appreciate this assistance and the members of the police and security services involved, deserve significant recognition for their contribution to law enforcement and protecting the innocent, in particular, vulnerable children.

We are to be grateful for the assistance of at least some members of the Police and Intelligence Organisations within Britain today for providing such clear evidence to link Mr Whitehead
s details and records with the natural parents in question, namely, Prince William of Gloucester & mother of Kenneth,  Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff. Without these matching & obvious Codes, the case would have been more difficult. 
The Royal Occult Codes



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