Duke Of Gloucester Reunited



Outcome & Conclusion
This has been quite an ordeal for Mr Kenneth Robert Whitehead, who deserves to be very substantially compensated for these most difficult of circumstances. Make no mistake, the problems that Mr Whitehead has faced throughout his life would have many normal people face suicide or suffer serious psychiatric illness, though Kenneth is seriously resilient to pressure and has been able to enlist a large number of individuals and experts to unravel this major mystery regarding the origins of his birth.
Kenneth would like to have a good regard for Zsuzui, Richard & Royal Family should all cooperate.

Family Estate & Property
While in all moral and most legal terms, Mr Whitehead’s uncle, Prince Richard of Gloucester, has little, if any claim to the Gloucester Family estate, Mr Whitehead is willing to allow Prince Richard and Family retain the 2,500 acre Barnwell Manor Estate & property should there be an equivalent Ancestral Home and Estate offered to Mr Whitehead in terms of financial recompense.

In legal terms, it may have been that on Prince William’s death in 1972, Kenneth’s natural mother, Mrs Starkloff could have assisted legal representation to have Barnwell Manor returned to Kenneth on the death of Princess Alice or the estate may have been sold with proceeds split 50:50.

Prince Richard has enjoyed retaining a large ancestral property which he does not legally own, certainly not in it’s entirety given that issue of his brother, 1st heir to the estate is still living.

There is also a percentage factor that could be debated in court to state that given Prince Richard has enjoyed a virtual lifetime’s use of Mr Whitehead’s 50% share or more, then, this diminishes Prince Richard’s remaining share-hold of the estate, in addition, Kenneth would have better managed the estate.

This factor would be exacerbated in Mr Whitehead’s favour were it be proven that Prince Richard made no effort to be open and honest and simply offer Mr Whitehead his share of the estate.

Given these observations, it is likely that Prince Richard now legally owns less than 5% of Barnwell Manor Estates and his children, Alexander, Davina and Rose each own less than 1% of the estate.

It should also be noted that in recent years, Prince Richard has sold off virtually all of the Gloucester Family possessions, silver, antiques, art and other valuables, pocketing the proceeds for himself!

Mr Whitehead would prefer to be offered a large formal stately home and estate in place of Barnwell Manor. Any quantum of damages would likely place a separate value upon this aspect of the claim.

A large property such as Hopetoun House, near Edinburgh, pictured below is merited in this case.

Mr Whitehead would however, prefer his main property to be located in a southern region of England.


This is an issue that to some degree is out of the hands of both a court and Gloucester Family members as it may be that in the circumstances and by a letter request, H.M. The Queen would wish to redress the balance and offer Mr Whitehead appropriate Titles, which would be put forward or claimed as ‘Prince’ and ‘Duke’ as the most senior titles requested with a number of lesser titles also desired and merited in the circumstances.
Financial Compensation
An appropriate amount of financial compensation is due to Mr Whitehead given these most difficult circumstances and years of problems he has suffered due to being Prince William’s son. Certainly, in the circumstances, a level of financial compensation in excess of £10Million could easily be justified.

Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff Compensation
Depending upon the circumstances of Mrs Starkloff’s involvement in these complex matters, there is an obvious case to Compensate Mrs Starkloff also, though to a lesser degree than her son, Kenneth.

Prince Richard of Gloucester & Family
Mr Whitehead, if properly compensated as above, would allow Prince Richard and family to retain the 2,500 acre Barnwell Manor Estate in Northampton, which should have largely passed to Kenneth


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