Duke Of Gloucester Reunited

Genetic Similarities


Prince William of Gloucester can be seen in the photograph below having caught a number of Nile Perch while on one of his African adventures. The photograph can be found on page 150 of the rare book, William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince. William was around 6feet 2inches in height, was slim and athletic with slender legs as a long distance runner typically has.


Last known photograph of William’s son to Mrs Starkloff, Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead, can be seen above right, Kenneth walking in snow near his parents home in Scotland in the winter of 1997, before Kenneth was paralysed in a mysterious car crash incident on 10.02.1999.

Kenneth tall, slender frame is the same as that of Prince Willliam of Gloucester, Kenneth was almost 6 feet tall before the car crash of 10.02.1999 and was born from a small woman, in Mrs Zsusui Starkloff, who was around 5feet tall in height and was also quite slim, though Zsuzui has developed some weight problems in later life.

The photograph of Zsuzui, left, can be found on page 128 of the rare book, William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince.

Prince William had a slight swagger when walking, a confident walker, though with an occasional mild stoop.

These genetic traits are exactly the same in Kenneth, William’s son to Zsuzui and none of the 3 people in question, William, Zsuzui or Kenneth ever walked with a limp or abnormality of any kind.

Limb Function
 All 3 people, namely William, Zsuzui or Kenneth all have normal limb function, enjoying fit, athletic pursuits.
 Posture of William and Kenneth is upright and confident, Zsuzui has a feminine posture, left, slightly subdued. In many photograph’s, Zsuzui appears to have ‘model qualities’.
Both William and Kenneth have exactly the same, slightly open gait as seen in the above photographs.


Shape of face - mother and son

These 2 photographs of Mrs Zsuzui Starkoff left and her son to Prince William, right, are serious likenesses of each other and have a high signal as a mother and son match via the genetic pathways that determine the manner in which a person appears like their parents. Zsuzui was living with Prince William on the other side of the world, in Japan, when Kenneth was conceived and concealing the child and birth as an Israeli woman with powerful political and security contacts would have been an easy matter.
 Kenneth, far right, looks, ‘Very Jewish’.

Shape of face - father and son

Photographs of William, Richard and Zsuzui as viewed on this page all have a striking resemblance to Kenneth, so much so that no rational person could ever doubt that Kenneth is likely biologically related to the 3 people in question, namely Princes William, Richard and Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff. William has an oblong head and small mouth, rounded chin complete with dimple, just like son, Kenneth.
 2nd Left photograph is an extract from the rare book, William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince, page 150.
 All other photographs are of Kenneth.
Angle of Head
 William and Kenneth and to a lesser extent, Richard (below), all appear to ‘lean into photographs’ or lean slightly to the left side. This is particularly evidenced in the William & Kenneth photographs above.
 This is an independent genetic trait.
Shape of Face - Uncle & Nephew

Hair - history of changing colour

Princes William, Richard and Kenneth all began life as blond children with their hair gradually becoming darker throughout childhood. All 3 children follow the same visual gene pathway, their hair is the same in texture, colour for their age. Photographs immediately above are noted as follows.
1). Prince Henry with sons, William & Richard, 2). Prince William or Richard in a small rocking horse seat? No, Kenneth as a child. 3). Kenneth appeared virtually the same with regards to his facial features at the same age and this photograph is very similar to the one of Kenneth above with windswept hair, though the image is actually of Prince William. 4). Final photograph and the only colour example could be Prince William or Richard far right, though it is Kenneth holding a gun.
 Rare Genetic matches have been found here which combined greatly increase the probability Kenneth is indeed, Prince William’s son.
 All 3 people in question have in adult life, dark brown to black hair and falls into it’s natural place, left to right motion. Princes William, Richard and Kenneth all began life as blond children with their hair gradually becoming darker throughout childhood. All 3 children follow the same visual gene pathway.

Hair Line
 Princes William and Richard both demonstrated a mildly receding hairline during their late 30’s and early 40’s, which was indeed the case with Kenneth also, though Kenneth experienced this condition less so, mostly likely due to the mix of genes from his Jewish mother, Zsuzui Starkloff as the Jewish race of people are known for having long, thick dark hair in general, though of course male pattern baldness occurs in every family and every race of people.
William, Zsuzui, Richard and Kenneth all have dark brown eyes, which are most common in the human race genetic family. However, William, Zsuzui and Kenneth all have small eye apertures.

William, Richard & Kenneth have noses which are mildly ‘fluted upwards’ at the tip. Zsuzui has a smaller, nose, more refined & attractive to some.
William, Richard and Kenneth all have small mouths and what may be described as some form of ‘permanent grin or smile’. Kenneth has been nicknamed as ‘smiler’ during his childhood and youth.

 Zsuzui’s ears were small and round during her youth and 30’s, matching Kenneth’s ears. Princes William and Richard both had small rounded ears during childhood, which began to mildly elongate in their late 20’s. Richard’s ears mildly elongated further in his 40’s, Kenneth’s ears are following the same course, though mildly less pronounced. None of the 4 people involved have stretched ears, mismatched ears, collapsed ears, large ears or wide ears.
Bold, though inconspicuous teeth within a small mouth. William, Zsuzui match Kenneth to this regard.

Food Match
 Kenneth’s food types he finds most favour with & is naturally attracted to are rice, chicken & fish dishes, typical of Zsuzui’s diet during conception, likely in Japan. This is also a Jewish and Arabic diet type.
 Kenneth’s hands are slightly smaller than average with long, slim fingers, which given Kenneth’s, near 6feet frame does suggest that he is the product of a tall man and small, petite woman. Again, this is another genetic match to William who was around 6feet 2inches in height, was slim and athletic with slender legs. Two photographs of Prince William can be seen below, left, William had the habit of finger-pinching as depicted, which Kenneth has to a lesser degree, more-so when Kenneth’s hands are dirty.
 William’s size and shape of hands, long slim fingers, are very similar to those of Kenneth. 

Kenneth’s feet are slightly smaller than average for a tall man at size 9, William’s feet do not appear large for a tall man of around 6feet 2inches and Zsuzui’s feet appear very small, which again suggests that Kenneth, having smaller feet for his height has been the subject of a genetic mixture from a tall man and a short woman,
 This is a very positive genetic match as can be viewed in the photographs of William and Kenneth below.
 Both Prince William and son, Kenneth have a very rare ‘’arrow-formation’’ to their toes in that the toe line is not arched or uneven but instead the toes are set in an oblique line across the foot. This is a very rare genetic signature where less than 10% of humans have this genetic feature.
 Prince William’s feet can be seen, left, the photograph extract can be found in it’s entirety on page 150 of the rare book, William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince. Kenneth’s right foot is picture below, right.


Size & Height
 Examining Kenneth you should come to the conclusion that he has been bred between a tall man and a small woman as Kenneth is almost 6feet tall though his hands and feet are small, his fingers are narrow and Kenneth is only a size 8.5 to 9 shoe. (This is the same match to official UK MI5 ‘stooge‘ parents).

Parental Stooge Match
 The two ‘stooge’ parents noted upon Kenneth’s Official British Birth Records state the mother, Dorothy Joy Curtis as having ‘blue-eyes’ & being 5feet tall, close, though Kenneth’s appearance is very ‘Jewish’.

Genetic Medical Condition - Porforia
 Kenneth has a very mild level of this condition, Kenneth suffering occasional mild sweats and very mild skin issues, though not enough symptoms to trouble Kenneth or warrant medical treatment. There are records within the NHS Archive upon Kenneth of ‘sweaty-like’ skin symptoms when in hospital.

 Princes William & Richard, also Zsuzui and Kenneth all have dimples on their chins.


Leisure interests

Prince William (d.1972) had a love of yachting, boating, hill-walking, hunting, shooting and expeditions very much in the same vein as his son, Kenneth has, (independent and pre car crash of 10.02.1999), though Kenneth is typically far more organised and controlled than father, William, who tends to be ‘impulsive’. (Extracts from Pioneer Prince, William’s Biography, ’Pioneer Prince’, page 121, above).


Sporting achievements

Prince William’s son, Kenneth, pictured above, right, is a Champion of Champions and Holder of Unbeaten Records before and during the age of 16, however, Prince William fared much worse than his great son Kenneth, as William was a virtual ‘old man’ when in his late 20’s, William won a little known regional polo cup which was sensationalised in media reports and various publications.
 William’s son, Kenneth, achieved far more with far less, as during a notably difficult British Yachting Series Championships in 1985, Kenneth trounced the field of competitors with exceptional technical sailing skills and swept the board that included ‘the league’, with also winning two endurance ‘cup’ races these being ‘the round the bridges race’ and ‘the 10 mile round Inchcolm endurance race’.
 The races were part of a Sea Cadet Championships, a youth charity of some 20,000 who are affiliated to The Royal Navy and who specialise in waterborne activities. The course has long since been abandoned due to serious health and safety concerns.


 Kenneth was always highly organised as a child in a natural sense and very much disliked any form of chaos in his life. Prince William was very similar to Kenneth, though William lacked comparable direction to that of Kenneth and William appeared to slightly ‘meander a course through life’, never planning more than 2 years in advance.

Politics & Economics
 Kenneth has had a strong interest in Politics and Business, Economics, coupled to conservation and philanthropy throughout his life, a direct match to the professionalism, ethics, beliefs of Prince William. 

 Prince William graduated from Cambridge in History and then joined Stanford University, California in 1963 to study Economics, Business and Political Science, though was not considered to be an intellectual. 
 Kenneth has a considerable interest in Politics and Current Affairs and has a long history of charity work and philanthropy in a range of subjects, which is a direct match to his father, William, in an independent manner, which means, Kenneth could not have attempted to copy his father, Prince William.

 William’s brother, Prince Richard, graduated from Cambridge University as a qualified architect. While in Scotland, again on an independent basis, Kenneth qualified as a Residential Interior and Commercial Designer, successfully beginning a career in property development. Kenneth’s other mother, Pamela, has had the benefit of Kenneth’s company archive files to study and learn from and now Pamela has a small property portfolio worth in the region of £1Million.
(Kenneth has been unable to work since suffering disabilities of paraplegia and blindness on 10.02.1999).

Art & Creativity


William never fulfilled his ambition in Music and The Arts, likely due to his impulsive and erratic interests, though the ambition was certainly there by William. Kenneth, however, is a more controlled and patient individual and has spent time cultivating his writing talents, it is felt that having an element of Zsuzui’s genes has assisted to this end. Kenneth has written over 20,000 songs and has sung more than 1,000 with a distinctive and unique ‘tune to lyric’ in a professional manner. This is evidence that William, Zsuzui and Kenneth can rapidly deal with complex languages and codes, which is another genetic match.

Style & Dress Code
 Kenneth was very much attracted to well organised suits and shirts as a child, boy and young man and still is today. Well organised traditional clothing is important to Kenneth and especially in a business environment. Kenneth enjoyed wearing suits, shirts, ties, leather dress shoes and so on, throughout his life and being ‘a snappy dresser’ was indeed a main recreational enjoyment for Kenneth, who would often wear a matching bowtie and swan necked shirt for functions.
 With regards to casual wear, Kenneth favoured corduroys and casual tweed suits, brogues and heavy functional mountaineering socks to dress smart though casual, as perhaps a university lecturer might, while for outdoor leisure interests that required more durable clothing, Kenneth selected a coat or jacket from his leather range, typically a flying jacket in black or tan leather, dark blue jeans and heavy boots or shoes with a scarf. Kenneth very much appreciated the fashions from the earlier part of the 20th century, well organised for every occasion, smart, warm and functional.
 Kenneth’s formal clothing companies included Jaeger, Burberry and Armani. 

 When yachting or hill walking, Kenneth would change again into appropriate clothing, typically wearing a 2 piece waterproof suit, Wellington boots, Arran sweater, gloves, scarf, heavy mountaineering socks, the Bridgedale variety and thermal underwear. 
 The company Kenneth used most for outdoor and Yachting Clothing was Henri Lloyd, viewed as the best high quality leisurewear company with also some items from Helly-Hansen, a Norwegian Company.

 Given Kenneth’s particular taste in clothing and style, along with the mountain of other evidence, it is obvious in hindsight that Kenneth was likely a child born from the Aristocracy, though during this period, no person gave this much thought, including Kenneth, who did not desire to become a high society child, the truth of the matter was that all of these tell-tale signs were simply normal behaviour of Kenneth.


Sexual Type
 Both Prince William and Kenneth are Heterosexual men with an avid interest in attractive women. Kenneth has experienced over 200 friendships with lady friends, including some famous ladies, Kenneth spent his formative years with a famous Scottish lady as his occasional girlfriend. Kenneth dislikes Homosexuality and considers the Homosexual Act as ‘unsociable and unhealthy’.


Material assets and property

Prince William’s Lotus sports-car can be seen above while, very similar in style, son, Kenneth’s Triumph sports-car can be viewed below. Kenneth’s car is a convertible with hard-top on in photograph below.

 Kenneth is very much ‘a classic man’ in terms of property, architecture and design, though while Kenneth appreciates existing historic forms of architecture, Kenneth has managed to invent his own new timeless classic styles. Many experts believe that as people are submersed in high quality architecture, these imprinted images and organisation are recorded as a ‘gene-set’ to be passed onto children, who also have a higher probability of accepting the architecture of their parents and images of other items, such as cars, that are frequently imprinted into what may be referred to as ‘a tiny microscopic app’, passed on into children as a genetic thread.
 Kenneth has always been attracted to high quality - high value items and the vast majority of Kenneth’s architectural designs supersede the very best quality architecture of the same class and type.

 We believe that Prince William being brought up in Barnwell Manor and staying frequently in numerous other stately homes, including Buckingham Palace has assembled a genetic picture library that has to a greater or lesser extent been transposed into his son, Kenneth, who has adapted and gained from this.
 All of these features and many more not mentioned here indicate that Kenneth is a genetic match to his natural father, Prince William, without noticing this and in an independent manner not trying to be the same as Prince William and is therefore in every way, ‘a chip off the old block’, (a genetic match phrase).


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