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Kenneth R. Whitehead Codes


Kenneth R. Whitehead Codes

Kenneth Robert Whitehead - The late Prince William of Gloucester’s Illegitimate Son
(Born to Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff).
1. Kenneth Robert Whitehead’s initials are K. R. W. which if said faster say, ‘KRoW’. In sexual slang terms, a ‘Crow’, is a married woman that has a child to another, man, usually an unmarried man. This fit’s the circumstances of the relationship between Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, (who was known as a married woman and courted as such at the time of the relationship) and Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972). Kenneth Robert Whitehead is the illegitimate child of Prince William of Gloucester’s ‘Crow’ lady friend.
2. Kenneth means in London or cockney slang, ‘idiot’ or ‘willy’ or ‘Dick‘.
3. Robert in Scots slang means ‘bobby dangler’ or ‘willy’ or ‘Dick‘.

4. Whitehead can be seen as being sperm or spunk in sexual slang, seeping out of a penis, ‘willy‘ or ‘Dick‘. This likely relates to Kenneth as a sexual sideshow as an illegitimate Royal, a manhood brag by Prince William (d.1972).
The MI5 code here and sad devilment occult name for Prince William’s son, appears to be, ‘Dick, ‘Dick’ & ‘Dickhead’.

This above abuse of Kenneth fits with the apparent official British Programme of Ritual Satanic Witchcraft Child Abuse Kenneth has suffered from infancy in the UK.

5. ‘Whitehead’ in this context appears to be suggestive of the slang, ‘Dickhead’, a common description of ‘Idiot’ or that the Royals and Royal Navy were obviously trying to make an idiot of Kenneth, treating Kenneth as a ‘Dickhead’. However, Kenneth is obviously no idiot. Before serious disability of 10.02.99 he solved much of this case himself.

6. ‘Kenneth’ is a strong Scottish name and it means ‘’The Fiery One’’. Fiery means ‘glowing hot, burning or full of fire’. A man that glows red hot is representative of The Devil, or ‘Luciper’ or ‘Lucifer’, the Dark Angel cast out from Heaven, like an illegitimate Royal Child. Lucifer is as mentioned in the ‘Gloucester Code’ relates to Kenneth’s pre-adopted name, ‘Paul Curtis’ and provides a conclusive link to Kenneth and The Gloucester Title. This evidence is conclusive.

7. Kenneth Robert Whitehead’s initials are K. R. W. which if arranged as W. R. K. this was a likely attempt to get Kenneth working at an early age and effectively treat him as a child slave. Iain did work Kenneth excessively as a child, especially in relation to Iain’s sailing ambitions and Royal Navy commitments where Kenneth did odd jobs.

8. Kenneth Robert Whitehead initials are K. R. W. which if again arranged as W. R. K. also can suggest ‘W. O. K.’ using the ‘R’ as a hidden ‘O’ as a capital ‘R’ does have a hidden ‘O’ in it. A ‘W. O. K.’ is synonymous with the Orient and this is suggestive of where Kenneth comes from, the affair that Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972) had in Japan from 1968 to 1971 with Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, a Hungarian born U.S. Immigrant who was working in Tokyo during this time.

There is further evidence that all is not as it seems in this predicament as Kenneth had a ‘cut’ left eyelid, likely by RN Surgeons as a child, to make a lazy or ‘Japanese Eye‘. Kenneth was called ‘Half-Jap’ at Primary school.  (Zsuzui right with Japanese parasol, William of Gloucester, Pioneer Prince, Page 120).


12. C.J.D. does translate to C. J. Disease or more commonly known as ‘Mad Cow Disease’, suggesting a Mad Cow was needed to either participate or unwittingly be a part of the Royal Beasting Plan, hence Dorothy Joy Curtis, British Intelligence suggesting ‘’just give him to a ‘mad cow’ (CJD) somewhere‘’. 
We respect stooge for the purpose, Mrs Curtis and do not mean any offence to her whatsoever.

13. K.R.W. also translates to W.O.G. or ‘William of Gloucester’s (child), should you use the ‘W’ as a ‘W’ and the ‘R’ as a hidden ‘A’ and move the upright portion of ‘K’ down onto the left pointed horizontal ‘V’ portion, right lower extremity of the letter to obtain a ‘G’. ‘W.O.G.’ also suggests, ‘Nigger’, a lowly black person, relevant to Kenneth’s circumstances and maltreatment obviously from his own natural family, The British Royal Family! (Below, Prince William with ‘little Tribal ‘Wog Boy’ carving - KRW/WOG).

(Please view the book, Prince William of Gloucester - Pioneer Prince, page 136, as above).
 Picture of Evil. Prince William pictured with a little evil looking wood carving in the shape of a young boy. Note how the right eye is smaller than the left. Kenneth suffered an apparent attack from most likely a Royal Navy Surgeon to cause damage to Kenneth’s left eye ligaments and so initiate a lazy left eye as some form of ‘witchcraft occult homage’.
(See also on this Website, British Intelligence Codes, Prince William’s ‘Witchcraft son’ Code)

14. Note the ‘66’ Number of Prince William’s doomed aircraft, translating to 6x6=36 = 3x6=666, The Devil’s Number. Note the Aircraft registration number, below, A G- WOG, relates to found occult codes.

(The press extract below is from the Daily Telegraph of 29.08.1972 and the photograph of Prince William of Gloucester’s last aircraft below, right is from the book, ‘’100 Years of Wolverhampton Airports‘’).

15. Studying for references upon the Internet in Historical Publications, one stumbles across many books by author ‘G. Kenneth Whitehead’, who is an expert upon Deer Stalking. ‘G’ is the 7th letter of the Alphabet and 7 is supposed to be the most lucky number though in Witchcraft terms, G is the unluckiest number and as also representative of ‘The Devil’, the letter ‘G’ is a hidden Number 13 or ‘666’, thus the understanding from this puzzle solved is that ‘G. Kenneth Whitehead means ‘666 Kenneth Whitehead’ or in other words, ‘The Beasting’.

Earliest book by G. Kenneth Whitehead dates from 1964 and is expensive and rare, bound in a green hardback cover, Titled: ‘’Deer Stalking in Scotland’’, by G. Kenneth Whitehead’’. This may also be interpreted in ‘Witchcraft Terms as, ‘Manhunt From England that is 666 (The Beast or The Beasting), Kenneth Whitehead’. View below book, Titled: ‘’Deer Stalking in Scotland’’, by G. Kenneth Whitehead’’.

Another book by G. Kenneth Whitehead’’, likely relevant, titled, ‘’Wild Goats of Great Britain & Ireland by G. Kenneth Whitehead’’, which was published in 1972, same year as the death of Kenneth’s biological father, Prince William of Gloucester in the air-crash at Wolverhampton Airfield. Please see the illustrated cover of this book below, which shows a majestic and evil looking goat upon the front cover with the name G. Kenneth Whitehead or  ‘666 Kenneth Whitehead’. - ‘The Beast’!

Both The Queen of England, Elizabeth II and her son, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales are avid deer stalkers.

This find is compelling evidence that the name, ‘’Kenneth Whitehead’’, was chosen for Kenneth by possibly The Royals themselves or at least senior security staff. The links are too complete and correlate very well with most other aspects of this Royal Occult Case to be coincidental.

All of these occult codes are an elaborate web of complex pathways of evidence to repeatedly indicate the intention of the security plan in operation with regards to concealing an illegitimate member of the British Royal Family with the express intentions of causing serious trauma and abuse to the victim, in this case the son of Prince William of Gloucester and his partner of 5 years or thereby, in whatever manner, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.

These codes and illustrations may not be actual members of the British Royal Family placing occult codes in the details of an illegitimate Royal Child’s birth records in order to worship the devil, though the evidence does strongly point to individuals who have extensive knowledge and understanding of codes and riddles deliberately placing hidden meanings, codes and signatures in the birth details of a child to provide a compelling connection between the child and it’s origins as an illegitimate member of the British Royal Family.

 The evidence is clear for all to see.
 The evidence is extensive.  The evidence is compelling.
 The evidence fit’s the circumstances.
 The evidence reflects the life of abuse and aggression suffered by the victim in this case, namely, Mr Kenneth R. Whitehead.

Once the act of separation had been achieved then the image right is exactly how ‘little Lucifer’ may be viewed by all in the know - as an animal, a devil and a beast with which to tort, harm, exact revenge upon and abuse!

No matter the manner in which people may attempt to excuse these deliberate codes, these are the facts of the matter!

Kenneth Robert Whitehead - The Sweet and Nasty Codes.
 Kenneth in Witchcraft Terms and Hidden Codes, backwards, translates to Htennek, silent H, suggests Tunnock, which is a Scottish biscuit, sweet and confectionary manufacturer, this brand of biscuit were always encouraged to be given to Kenneth as a child and of course Kenneths treatment by MI5 has been far less than sweet but instead ugly, back to front and opposite of sweet. In the late 1980s, Kenneth was actually at the birthday party of a blond female member of the Scottish Tunnock Dynasty at the Duck Bay Marina Hotel and Raffles Bar, Balloch. Kenneth was asked his advice upon the design of the wrappings livery and stated it should remain the same indefinitely as it was a relatively iconic brand with an immediately recognisable image that was traditional and had timeless qualities.
 Robert backwards translates to Trebor, an English sweet and confectionary manufacturer, this brand of sweets were encouraged to be given to Kenneth as a child and of course Kenneths treatment by MI5 has been far less than sweet but instead ugly, back to front and opposite of sweet
 Whitehead in Witchcraft Terms and Hidden Codes, backwards, translates to Daeheti, (silent H and W), which suggests deity, meaning Divine God or similarly, Divine Enjoyment or Indulgently Sweet.  Of course, Kenneths treatment by MI5 has been far less than sweet but instead ugly, back to front and opposite of sweet

Various Kenneth Robert Whitehead Codes.
 Kenneth in Witchcraft Terms and Hidden Codes, translates to N - N = 0, E - E = 0, leaving the remaining letters, K, T and H. place the H and T together and say them both faster together this says Hate and the remaining K is actually an underlined U on its side though instead an underlined U, the puzzle saying, Hate U or Hate You, which is underlined by the column of the ‘K‘ on it‘s side. Kenneth is the Scottish Adopted name of Paris/KRW, Kenneth also means Fiery One in Scots, which is another suggestion to The Devil or Lucifer / Luciper.
 Robert in Witchcraft Terms and Hidden Codes, translates to Robot, welding the reversed r into the e, which is the likely psychological experiment, for the psychiatric profession to push illegitimate royals and aristocrats beyond normal human capacity and limitations to observe the outcome as these children are viewed by many doctors and psychiatrists as mere laboratory rats, expendable children, a glamorous generation X.

The Lazy Eye Mystery
Deliberate Physical Disfigurement of Kenneth R. Whitehead by Royal Navy Surgeons).
1. Computer created by British Intelligence during WWII was called Colossus. Kenneth was obviously very highly intelligent originating from Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972) working as part of the Foreign Office and his affair he had in Japan from 1968 to 1971 with Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, a Hungarian born U.S. Immigrant who was working in Tokyo as a translator and Clerical Worker.
 Aspects of the ‘colossus’ computer had an appearance of having ‘one-eye’, such as a Cyclops.
 Kenneth obviously had the makings of a very productive mind in these circumstances, a computer type mind. It is likely that people within British Intelligence in cutting Kenneths eye muscles were attempting to make him unappealing and visually unattractive to others, especially those who may attempt to rescue Kenneth from his circumstances. Obviously in giving Kenneth a disabled left eye and effectively create a lazy left eye, the offenders were attempting to make Kenneth appear as Cyclops. (Mythical Greek Giant Creature with One Eye). Also, in making Kenneth visually unappealing, MI5 was likely attempting to make Kenneth stay indoors, away from relationships, adventures and frivolity but instead be studious and have Kenneth turn himself into some form of Super Computer, just like the original MI5 computer.
2. The Royal Navy commands include the recognition call of ‘aye-aye sir’, which in ‘witchcraft terms’ would have one eye merge with the other to have just one eye or ‘aye-sir‘.
3. Pirate Britain. Long hailed by nations around the globe as a pirate nation, Britain likely cheekily reinforced this reputation by cutting the eyelid down of one of the illegitimate Princes to give Kenneth a form of ‘pirate appearance’. In Primary School, Kenneth did actually wear a black eye-patch by medical GP request, as a pirate may in the premise of ‘aiding the muscular activity in the left eye’.
4. Lack of insight and foresight. This does suggest that given the substantial bizarre though factual mystery surrounding Kenneth and his origins, the one-eyed statement upon Kenneth as a child was that Kenneth had ‘limited insight and foresight over everything’. However, this was not the case and Kenneth is highly intelligent and has assisted this enquiry greatly, especially before 10.02.1999.
5. Eye Removal. Kenneth though blinded since 10.02.1999, still has two healthy eyes and though Kenneth has often been asked by many people to have one or both eyes removed, Kenneth’s eyes must remain.

 The Paul Curtis Codes that provide the Link between Kenneth R. Whitehead and Prince William of Gloucester are recorded upon this page. The people noted upon these Records are obvious stooges to provide a false identity for Prince William’s illegitimate son. The child recorded upon these documents is ‘’Paul Curtis’’, who when adopted by Mr Iain & Mrs Pamela Whitehead was name changed to Kenneth Robert Whitehead. Upon this page is the true evidence that illustrates the false Birth Identity Papers of Kenneth R. Whitehead. The Entry of Birth Certificate that notes ‘Paul Curtis’ below is name changed for Kenneth Robert Whitehead. See original British Birth Certificates below, left and right.

 Kenneth would like to thank the detectives or / and intelligence operatives and code originators for placing such a labyrinth of riddles into his Official Records which all offer solid and substantial evidence to indicate the types of plots that Kenneth has unfortunately been victim to.

Without these essential codes, there would be reduced evidence to provide the very obvious link between Kenneth and his natural Father, Prince William of Gloucester and his apparent biological mother, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff an American Citizen.

Many Codes exist within the ‘Paul Curtis’ Birth Records, to link the child to Prince William of Gloucester, with a high proportion of Occult Related Codes used as the vehicle to provide the link. These Occult Related Codes prove the operation in hand here & method of disposal of illegitimate Royal Children - By A Beasting!

There have been a high number of child abuse cases in Britain over the years, though many are being overlooked and many will never come to fruition as the victims are concerned with regards to the response that the British Public, Authorities and Media will give to such an abuse victim. This concerns all in this case.

In the case of Kenneth, the evidence is complete and is entire proof of these circumstances, far more so than in any other complex child abuse case.

Little Lucifer In The Queen’s Coffin
Chilling Photograph of Kenneth, Prince William’s Illegitimate Son

(The Queen’s Coffin Photograph above).
 Kenneth, encouraged by surrounding people has been ‘put into one of the Queen’s boxes’ in the above photograph, which is obviously, in the circumstances of successive Murder Plots upon Kenneth a form of Code as in - a coffin for the illegitimate Royal!

It does appear standing back from this photograph that Kenneth may be lying in a coffin, covered in H.M. The Queen’s insignia. This is exactly the manner in which this photograph is likely intended.

Members of the British Royal Family must now assist in this investigation to offer far more evidence to that which has been compiled already as the case has surpassed the necessary requirements in terms of proof. We all know that Kenneth is an illegitimate Royal Child, this has even been entirely accepted by the Royal Family themselves and it would be a serious mistake for the Authorities and Royal Family to attempt to pervert the course of justice and in future revoke the substantial evidence which has been gained in favour of the case to date thus far.

Kenneth expects a large amount of additional and complimentary evidence to be given to him in the coming months and years with regards to this enquiry which may be archived to further corroborate the extensive facts that have been compiled to date upon the subject.


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