Duke Of Gloucester Reunited


Whitehead Family Codes

A host of Occult ‘Witchcraft’ Codes already exist relating to the Whitehead adopted family of Prince William’s illegitimate son, Kenneth, coupled to the ‘ugly & ghoulish’ appearance of the Whitehead family in general that we believe this adopted family were pre-selected by British Intelligence as a suitable ‘drop-off’ site for Prince William’s illegitimate son, so the occult fun could begin on Kenneth.

Pamela Ann Whitehead & Iain Robert Whitehead - (The Adopted Mother & Father Code).
1. Adopted Parents Initials of Pamela Ann Whitehead are P. A. W. which is ‘Paw’ and the Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead making ’MA’, you have very clear codes of Mother and Father of Kenneth, though back to front, a signature of Witchcraft and a likely sick prod or abusive joke at the fact that, Mrs Pamela A. Whitehead was born unable to have children. (Kenneth cares for his adopted mother greatly).

Whitehead Family (Adopted Family of Kenneth Robert Whitehead).
1. Whitehead = Black-Body = Nigger. In terms of ‘upside down‘ opposites and Witchcraft meaning the Royals were seen as handing away one of their Princes to a family of ‘Niggers’.
2. Opposite of ‘Whitehead’ is ‘Black Hands’, suggesting a family of natural Gypsies, Thieves and Deviants. ‘Black Hands’ is a term or name given to various Gaelic, black and occult gangs.
(It must be understood that we, and also Kenneth and mother, Mrs Pamela Whitehead are not racist in any way though we must think as the manner of how such a white extremist family such as the British Royal Family and henchmen likely think in their treatment of Prince William‘s son, Kenneth).

Grant Duncan Whitehead. (Adopted late Brother of Kenneth Robert Whitehead).
1. Initials of Grant Duncan Whitehead are G. D. W. Grant was a highly disruptive and abusive young boy and was unfriendly to adopted brother, Kenneth. This was ‘back to front’ or ‘upside down’ from what a young brother should be so reverse G & D to form D. G. or D. G. W. Apply further thinking to this and attach words to the initials to obtain ‘’Duke of Gloucester’s Weirdo’’ or ‘’Duke of Gloucester’s Windsor’’, ‘’Duke of Gloucester’s Wickedness’’ or ‘’Duke of Gloucester’s Wicked’’ - trick or just purely, ‘’Duke of Gloucester is Wicked‘’, placing a mentally disturbed child such as Grant in with the fast developing Kenneth as a child. (Note: ‘D’ and ‘G’ back to front is a further ‘Witchcraft’ signature).
2. G. D. W. if said faster says ‘go dow’ or go-down without an ‘n’. Go Down may translate to ‘the go down boy’, which is suggestive of some form of homosexual slang. It may be the suggestion is that Kenneth as Prince William’s son should be a public schoolboy and be looking at Grant for sexual relations, though Kenneth would never touch Grant, as Kenneth was not a homosexual or ever interested in abusing children. This appears as more ‘sick’ MI5/Police fun. We are unsure if Grant was Sexually abused in the 18months prior to joining the Whitehead family. This is a strong suspicion.
 When Grant was adopted by the Whitehead family, Grant did appear frequently disturbed, highly agitated, aggressive, then withdrawn and would touch his hinder parts. It may have been that Grant sadly suffered sexual abuse prior to arriving at the Whitehead family. We know Grant was removed from a violent household & parental relationship.
3. Grant’s Initials with the ‘W’ of Whitehead serving as an ’M’, are ‘M. G. D.’ which if said quickly say ‘Mugged’, which is a likely reference to Grant as a highly Disturbed young boy placed with Kenneth as an adopted brother from the Adoption Agency, where Kenneth was in effect ‘Mugged’ having the unruly, disturbed Grant as a Brother.
4. Grant’s Initials arranged as W. G. D. do suggest the word ‘Wicked’ if said quickly, which is what Grant was supposed to be, a highly abusive and disruptive force within the family of Iain, Pamela and the very successful, active, Kenneth, who was 7 years old at the time of Grant’s adoption.
5. Grant’s Initials arranged as D. G. M. when said quickly suggest ‘Do Him’ or ‘Dig Him’ a likely reference to placing the upstart, Grant with Kenneth’s as Kenneth’s ‘Unholy, Satanic’ adopted brother.
6. Grant’s Initials arranged as D. G. M. also suggest ‘D. o G. Mess’, suggesting the Title and or Titled people of the Royal Family were in effect placing ‘shit’ with Kenneth as an adopted brother.
7. Grant’s Initials arranged as D. G. M. also suggest ‘D. o G. M.’ or ‘Dog Him’, such as Grant, the supposed Jackal to create considerable havoc within Kenneth’s life and family, which was true to a large degree. Whatever the truth, Grant was a very difficult young boy to deal with.
 (Grant Whitehead/Shannon died in a mysterious quad-bike incident alone in a remote field on 14.06.2007, which was likely Murder to stop Grant speaking of State Inflicted Abuse against him).

Grant Duncan Whitehead and ‘The Hairy Cow or ‘Coo’ (Scottish), ‘Witchcraft Codes’.
 Grant in ‘Witchcraft’ Terms and Hidden Codes, translates to ‘G’-Rant’ or ‘Great Rant’, or ‘G-Force Rant‘, (a major ‘rant’ with plenty of ‘G’ in front of the title, by Grant Duncan Whitehead, a deeply disturbed and psychotic child from the Adoption Agency.
 Grant Duncan Whitehead’s principal occupation throughout his life was farming and in particular, feeding animals. In ‘Witchcraft’ Terms and Hidden Codes, translates to ‘the worst job in the world’ in effect, being in wide open lonely desolate freezing cold, rain and wind swept fields, placing dried grass into the mouths of smelly dumb bastard animals that have ugly cross-eyed faces with horns on the top where the best job in the world in ‘Witchcraft’ Terms and Hidden Codes, translates to ‘Breeding with Married Women’, in particular, beautiful married women, in a warm bed, in private.
 In effect, possible illegitimate Royal or more likely, Aristocrat, Grant Duncan Whitehead had ‘the but-end’ job of the world’, feeding hairy cows dried grass in the freezing cold and snow when Grant could have been in his stately home having sex with a long line of married women.

Pamela Ann Whitehead. (Adopted Mother of Kenneth Robert Whitehead). 
1. Initials of myself, Pamela Ann Whitehead are P. A. W. which is ‘Paw‘, a Scots slang name for ‘Father’.
2. From an early age, myself, Mrs Pamela Whitehead was encouraged to sign my name with my first initial, ‘P’ Whitehead.’ This may be a sick suggestion that my family, which obviously included Prince William’s illegitimate son was simply a Royal Navy ‘Piss-Take’ as ‘P‘ Whitehead is ‘Pee‘ Whitehead or ‘Piss-Take‘ Whitehead.’
3. Myself, Pamela Ann Whitehead have also been encouraged to sign my name, ‘Pamela A. Whitehead’, noting the ‘A’ as an initial of my middle name, ‘Ann’. In sexual slang, ‘A’, is suggestive of ‘Anal’, which may represent a sick suggestion towards Pamela having Anal sexual relations, due to my not being born with a fully functional vagina.
4. ‘W. A. P.’ This likely relates to Pamela’s, at times bullish attitude and desire that the family succeed. This relates to the ‘WAP’ or hit or verbal encouragement that the children had on occasions. Such an attitude to get the children to be determined and successful was cultivated by the Royal Navy personnel and families. 
5. ‘M. A. D.’ with the base of the ‘P’ under the ground, where the Devil lives or ‘from the devil‘. This whole situation has obviously been created by people within British Security who are indeed Mad! There is a persistent suggestion of ‘Madness’ or ‘Drunkenness’ within various codes & riddles solved.
6. ‘M. A. P.’ Should anyone be able to obtain all of the clues which add to the wider picture then you should obtain a ‘MAP’ of these circumstances and all of the links to prove Kenneth as an illegitimate Royal, the son of Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972) born to his lover, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.
These clear codes within the Whitehead names are evidence that Pamela and her late husband, Iain, were evidently encouraged to become a family, in anticipation of receiving a future illegitimate Aristocrat. It is possible that Royal Navy Personnel have not only been selecting service families to dump illegitimate aristocrats but they have very likely been encouraging certain people to become married in the first instance to make the perfect trap and to act as ‘guinea pigs for military experiments‘.
7. Initials of Pamela Ann Whitehead are P. A. W. which can be arranged as ‘P. O. W.’ using the top part of the ‘A’ as a hidden ‘O’. This suggests that Kenneth is a ‘P. O. W.’ or ‘Prisoner of War’, being hidden and adopted in the manner he was, instead of being brought up in a Stately Home, which is understandable in these circumstances, Kenneth being born from the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, from Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, who apparently has strong German connections. Kenneth was Conceived in Japan and likely Born in New York, USA, all of which are Historical major Enemies of Great Britain. Note Japanese POW‘s in this sentence and the British Military is ‘getting one back‘ in this context.
8. Initials of Pamela Ann Whitehead are P. A. W. which can be arranged as A. P. E, should you rotate the ‘W’ clockwise, to suggest that Kenneth the illegitimate Royal child as ‘Greystokes’, the man raised by apes as a type of Tarzan figure in wildest Africa, though in Kenneth’s case, Scotland and this is a humorous poke at the Scots as traditional ‘Badlands‘ or ‘Bandit Country’ to England.
9. The forename of Pamela, Kenneth’s adopted mother is ‘P.A.M.’ which is translate to another ‘A.P.E.’ by similar process to figure 8 above. This is a poke at Pamela being twice the ‘A.P.E.’ or double the ‘A.P.E.’ a likely sick joke reference to a physical inability to be unable to conceive children and being technically being born a hermaphrodite which is having features of both sexes, male and female.
10. Kenneth came from the ‘Royal Tarzan’ - Prince William of Gloucester (d.1972).

Iain Robert Whitehead. (Adopted late Father of Kenneth Robert Whitehead).
1. Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead are I. R. W. which if said faster sound as ‘Arrow’. This suggests that Iain would be, as he was working for the Royal Navy, an extension of the Royal Family and thus ‘Arrow’ or ‘Spear’ Kenneth’s successful ambitions.
2. The name ‘Whitehead’ is synonymous with torpedo development as the Whitehead torpedo was an early Royal Navy weapon design and much information can be found upon the Whitehead Torpedo and factory to produce the weapon. A ’Whitehead’ placement would ‘Torpedo’ all of Kenneth’s ambitions.
3. Should Pamela be ‘Paw’, there may likely be a ‘Mother’ code in the Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead, which is readily found by flipping up the ‘W’ of ‘Whitehead’ to make an ‘M’ and using the ‘R’ with the ‘I’ as a leg on the right of ‘R’ to form an ‘A’. You then obtain a queer ‘A’ with a limb in the middle, like a penis, which may be the suggestion, to obtain ‘MA’, which is another Scottish slang name, this time for ‘Mother’, (with a penis). Other variations on a similar system of arranging the letters exists.
4. Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead are I. R. W. which if seen backwards are W. R. I. and when said say ‘Wry’ as in ‘ a wry joke’ upon illegitimate Royal, Kenneth. ‘Wry’ means amusing and ironic and is a very common Scottish Term.
5. Rearranging Iain’s initials another way amounts to W. I. R. this may translate to ‘Wire’. Iain was the ‘Wire’ man, as Iain found it difficult to have girlfriends, Iain would ‘pull his wire’, or masturbate.
6. Royal Navy slang for sending someone anything is ‘to wire it to you’. Iain the ‘wire’ was ‘wired’ a child, Kenneth, an illegitimate Royal child. Iain as a child obtained Boys Brigade Semaphore & Radio Certificates which does reinforce this occult thinking.
7. Kenneth’s apparent mother, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff originates from Hungary, a satellite state of the former Soviet Union or former USSR, who’s spacecraft were mostly named ’MIR’. Iain’s initials are I. R. W. though should you turn the ‘W’ upside down, you have an ‘M’ and put this on the front of the remaining letters of ‘I’‘R’ to obtain ‘MIR’. This relation to a spacecraft and the cosmos suggests the British Royals and Security Staff were saying;
8. ‘MIR’, ‘Get the spaceman out of here’ or
9. ‘MIR‘, ‘You can just blast that illegitimate Royal into space’.
(By giving Kenneth to at times an entirely unsuitable father and given Kenneth’s origins as a Royal Child, his being adopted in the manner he was entirely unacceptable).
10. Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead are I. R. W. which if arranged as ‘R. I. M’ suggest that Iain was in Royal Navy terms, an ‘arse licker’ or a ‘yes man’, which is what Iain was and would jump off a cliff for the Royal Navy.
11. Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead are I. R. W. arranged as ‘R. I. M’ suggest that Kenneth was likely ‘being thrown down the toilet’ or ‘thrown over the RIM of the toilet’ as a Royal child, being adopted in the manner he was.
12. Initials of Iain Robert Whitehead are I. R. W. which if arranged as M. I. A. using the ‘R’ as an ‘A’ and flipping the ‘W’ upside down to use as an ‘M’, may likely relate to ‘M.I.A. Farrow’ who played Rosemary or Roe in the horror movie, ‘Rosemary’s Baby’, which has strong connotations to Kenneth’s circumstances, where in the movie, ‘Lucipur‘, Lucifer or ‘The Devil’, was born in New York in a Gothic Apartment Block, the Dakota Building, near Central Park, NYC was in fact used in the Movie.
 Mia Farrow had been acting since the 1950’s and it is possible, though less likely that producers may have been influenced from 3rd party sources to use her.
 This is an obvious ‘back to front’ witchcraft code, where the diminutive, blonde Mia Farrow plays Lucipur’s mother, while Iain is a man, with dark hair and Kenneth’s or ’Lucipur’s father. 
 Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff did have an Apartment in Manhattan, New York City during this time and as the city was her home, she probably returned to New York to give birth to Kenneth in 1969-1970. It is likely that Kenneth was a concealed pregnancy. It is this issue that suggests some form of a relation between the two subjects. Other compelling codes and riddles exist within the Horror genre of movies.
13. There are also a large amount of similarities between Kenneth’s circumstances and the horror movie, The Omen and it may be that Kenneth’s predicament has been knowingly used as the foundations of The Omen Trilogy. The Omen has location connections in Israel, New York, America and Britain, all nations linked to Kenneth’s circumstances, with Gregory Peck perhaps playing the role of Prince William of Gloucester. Peck dies prematurely in the film, just as Prince William died in an air crash on 28.08.1972.
 Thousands of very clear occult codes relate to the unusual name for a Scottish family, ‘The Whiteheads‘.
 There can be no question that all of these occult codes are evidence to link Kenneth to Prince William.

The Pat Barclay & Family Codes. (Adopted Aunt of Kenneth Robert Whitehead).
1. Pat Barclay is the natural sister of the late Mr Iain Robert Whitehead and Kenneth’s adoptive aunt. In 1983, Pat returned from London after minor marriage problems to Kenneth’s family home at 7 Shandon Brae, in Balloch, (The House of Horror), which was already overcrowded with Pamela and Iain sleeping in the front double bedroom, Grant sleeping on his own in the rear bedroom and Iain’s mother sleeping in the side bedroom. Kenneth was forced to sleep in the loft which was inappropriately converted into an unsuitable bedroom for Kenneth to live in. There was nowhere else for Kenneth to go.
‘Pat’ backwards results in ‘TAP’, the Scottish dialect slang term for a borrow or a sponger, is ‘Tap’.
 Pat had likely been encouraged or forced to return to Scotland by sources loyal to the Royals in London, it would only take a few comments and a rosy mad picture painted by someone in London to get rid of Pat out of London, packing her back to Balloch, Scotland and Pat, who was obese and unattractive, would prove to be a large financial drain upon the Whitehead family finances.
2. Iain Barclay, Pat’s husband’s initials backwards suggest ‘BI’ or Bee and the Whitehead family would be financially stung from Iain along with his wife, ‘Pat the Tap’ and son, Andrew Barclay, who was declared mad at an early age while still in his teens. Iain Barclay is a blind man and unfortunate disabled people are often termed ‘state spongers’ or money drains. 
3. Andrew Barclay’s initials backwards spell ‘BA’ which suggest a sheep, with the former family name being ‘Black’, this suggests ‘Black Sheep’. The later family name being ‘Whitehead’, this also suggests ‘BA-Heid’, a Scottish term for ’nutter’ or mentally ill person, with the colour ‘White’ being a back to front or upside down ‘Black’ once more as per the original maiden name of Kenneth’s grandmother, ‘Jessie Black Hislop’.
4. Pat Barclay suggests ‘Pat the Barking (Mad) Key’ as Pat was simply a constant drain upon resources and was certainly no key to open any doors for Kenneth or anybody for that matter.

Annette Margaret Whitehead (Adopted late Aunt of Kenneth Robert Whitehead).
1. Annette Margaret Whitehead initials amount to ‘M.A.W.’ though in back to front ‘Witchcraft’ terms this suggests ‘Daughter’. Annette was apparently the most mentally well balanced of the Whitehead Family, attractive and reasonably intelligent. Annette did not suffer from very poor social skills such as the rest of the Whitehead Family, especially Iain.
2. Annette Margaret Whitehead’s initials amount to ‘M.A.W.’ which if rearranged appear as ‘W.A.M.’ which suggests ‘strike’, ‘hit’ or ‘punch hard’. It appears a bizarre coincidence that Annette was killed and badly mutilated in a head-on car crash in 1966, at Lomond Road, Balloch, Loch Lomond.
3. W.A.W. suggests a good looking girl remark and Annette was reasonably attractive and it was true Annette was probably the most attractive person in the Whitehead family.
4. A.W.W. suggests a negative Scottish exclamation for failure, terror or horror, relevant to Annettte’s mysterious and horrific death at the early age of just 21 years. (Aww, Annette’s been Murdered by MI5).

Jessie (Black) Hislop Whitehead. (Adopted late Grandmother of Kenneth Robert Whitehead).
1. Initials of Jessie Hislop Whitehead with the ‘W’ as an upturned ‘M’, amount to J.H.M. which if said quickly say ‘JAM’. fold down the top part of the ‘H’, gives ‘JAM’ with double ‘A’ or double arse, big trouble. Grandmother, ‘Jessie’ was also famous within the Whitehead family for making Jam and would tirelessly gather blackberries from all over the Vale of Leven to make her Jams or Preserve. It does appear that Kenneth was being effectively ‘put in a Jam’ by being adopted to the Whitehead Family, as the Whitehead’s were notoriously Scottish Nationalists. This berry gathering to place in a cauldron and transform the berries into something else as if by magic, is a Witchcraft pursuit, likely passing unnoticed for the Whiteheads.
2. Jessie James was a Notorious American Outlaw. (Kenneth was likely born from Zsuzui in New York).
3. J.H.B.M, said quickly suggests Jip Him, or give him ‘Jip’, a Scottish Term for ‘Annoy’ him.
4. J.H.B.M, said quickly also suggests Jibe Him, or give him a ‘Jibe’, an English Term for make a fool of him, which Jessie Whitehead would do frequently. Given Kenneth is English, Jessie would show a serious Racist streak towards Kenneth making comment of his English origins and making Kenneth feel very unwelcome. Jessie was a member of Scottish Highland Dancing and would play bagpipe music endlessly in the house at high volume.
5. Rearranged, the Initials become H.M.J.B. or ‘Her Majesty’s James Bond’, though opposite to mother, not father but son, Iain Whitehead, the unassuming slightly dim Naval Rating, then CPOMA Iain Whitehead, who would take custody of Kenneth as his adopted son, when all manner of terrible ‘Witchcraft’ dirty tricks would be played upon Kenneth and indeed the rest of The Whitehead Family.
6. Whitehead = Black-Body = Nigger. In terms of ‘upside down‘ opposites and Witchcraft meaning the Royals were seen as handing away one of their Princes to a family of ‘Niggers’.
(It must be understood that we, Kenneth and Mrs Pamela Whitehead are not racist in any way though we must think as the manner of how such a white extremist family such as the British Royal Family and henchmen likely think in their treatment of Prince William’s son, illegitimate Royal, Kenneth).
7. Hislop, the maiden name of Jessie Black appears to suggest, ‘His-Slop’, which is a likely Witchcraft poke at the Whitehead family having Prince William’s unwanted son, as in ‘have some of his slop.’ The slop is also suggestive of sperm, thus the Whitehead’s were having something from Prince William’s slop or sperm, a child is obviously the suggestion.
8. Black is a likely reference to ‘Nigger’ or ‘W.O.G.’ That Prince William’s illegitimate son was being given to ‘Wogs’ in Scotland as he was one himself and Kenneth was also from the ‘W.O.G.’ which stands for ‘William of Gloucester’. (This was also a registration number upon William’s plane as noted previously or to be definitive, AG- WOG).
 Noted within the Daily Telegraph of 29.08.1972, is a reference to Prince William’s Aircraft Registration Number being of course, AG-WOG, Prince William jokingly said it was coincidence and quite nicely stood for ‘William of Gloucester’, though we do not believe this as William’s Aircraft had the number 69 and 66 painted upon it to suggest ‘666’, number of the Beast or Devil and the kinky ‘69’ sexual reference number of William and lady lover at opposite ends to each other enjoying each others sexual organs by tasting these, is the same manner the devil himself may and with all of the other codes that have been found relating to the Royal Family, we believe that there is a powerful ‘Devil Worship’ club within the Royal Family, Security Service, Secret Service, Military Hierarchy and Police.

Mrs Black - English Teacher that caught alleged Rapist, Grant Duncan Whitehead.
1. Woman that supposedly ‘caught’ Grant, (the immature, small child adopted brother of Kenneth), as a Rapist was a Mrs Black. This may translate to ‘Dirty Nigger’ or ‘Dirty Nigger Trick’. Mrs Black was Scottish, a subservient race to the English Royals, considered by Royals as ‘A Black Tribal Nation‘.
2. This is further accentuated with the Scottish Tribal costume of Tartan Kilt, seen by English Supremacists as ‘a grass skirt’ that is purely the colour of Tartan, though the Scots are still of the Tribal Race of Savages in terms of Nations.

The ‘Black’ Name
1. Note that ‘Black’ was also the maiden name of the adopted grandmother of Kenneth, Iain’s mother, Mrs Jessie Black Hislop.
2. ‘Black’ was also the surname of Robert Black & Co, Coal Merchants & Labourers of Shandon Brae, Balloch, who made a poor job of building a huge stone-built garage at 7 Shandon Brae which cost almost as much as the house cost to buy from Dumbarton District Council with long standing tenants discount as it was the Whitehead Family home for several decades.
3. This can likely be seen as ‘Niggers doing the un-Royal Business upon Kenneth‘, an illegitimate Royal.

Robert Sloan Whitehead (Father of Iain Robert Whitehead)
1. R.S.M. (the ‘M’ is gained from the upside-down ‘W’), the Regimental Sergeant Major, a link to the Military Plans and Military Experimentation of the Whitehead Family.
2. Sloan as in Sloan Square, London and the famous Sloan Ranger, a term for a cool Londoner. In Occult Terms, the opposite is ‘the crap Scot’ or ‘worst Scot’ which has to be an illegitimate English Prince.
3. W.S.R. does suggest ‘Windsor’, the surname of the British Royal Family.
4. If you cut the ‘S’ in half on the horizon and swivel the bottom half, to obtain a ‘C’ and arrange the letters as R.W.C. this does suggest ‘Regina’s W.C’ or ‘The Queen’s Toilet‘.
5. R.M.S. states ‘Royal Mail Ship’ and the most famous was The Titanic disaster of 1912. Occult Worship Code here is to likely suggest The Whitehead Family are The Titanic, a Huge, Great, Sinking Disaster Story! The Whitehead family have suffered great disasters, loss of life and hardship for generations.
6. M.R.S. is again a back to front ‘Father’ of the Family or Father of Disaster.
7. M.R.S. is also suggestive of ‘Missing Royal Son’.
Robert Sloan Whitehead’s family was in Occult Terms, ideal to receive an illegitimate Royal.

Flora Law (Mother of Robert Sloan Whitehead)
1. Flora was Bonnie Prince Charlie’s lover of the 1745 Jacobite uprising who stood by Prince Charlie to the end. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales in occult terms still has Flora helping him.
2. Surname, L.A.W. relates to ‘as in The Police‘, in witchcraft terms.
3. L.A.W. backwards = M.A.L. an army expression to defeat or near defeat and Army, or ‘Mauled by The Police’. This is relevant to the whole Whitehead Family since at least the early 1900’s, is the suggestion and this is likely in the interests of the British Secret Service obtaining and isolating British Families for Experimentation, such as ‘Devil Worship‘, Social Control, Psychological Pressures, to see how much hardship a family can take and how they problem solve or not, in order to shift away from repetitive failure. It is likely that the Whitehead Family have been Identified as a ‘Witchcraft Family’, to be used for a range of Social and Military Experimentation. The high level of trauma and abuse the Whitehead Family have endured over decades is inconsistent with general family living in Britain through the generations and is highly suspicious to even the most cynical observer!
4. L.A.M. Using the ‘W’ of Law as an upside down ‘M’, this suggests, Lamb or Lambs to the ‘L.A.W.’, MI5/Police Slaughter! The Whitehead’s were obviously just ‘lambs to the slaughter’ for MI5. 
5. A.L.E. The Whitehead/Sloan family were alcoholic drinkers and the whole occult devil worship abuse plan was a very mad, drunken party one by MI5, who put Kenneth in 7 ‘Shandy’ Shandon Brae, Balloch.
6. O.L.E. Using the ‘O’ part of the ‘A’, with the ‘W‘ of Law on it‘s side to form an ‘E‘. A Spanish expression of Triumph, though Back to Front, which is A British expression of Triumph and it is of course entirely possible if not a certainty that the bastard children of foreign affairs of the British Royal Family would be given to difficult families such as The Whitehead Family, where Social, Military & Occult Experimentation upon the Family was already rife over generations in any event.

Jessie Ann Hyslop (Mother of Jessie Whitehead)
1. J.A.M. fitting together the top half and bottom half of the capital ‘H’ as two side by side ‘N’s to form a ‘M’. This Family of Whitehead’s were long in a ‘JAM’ by MI5, a Jam also being made from berries of the forest, in a witches cauldron in line with the Occult code findings throughout this predicament.
2. M.A.J. does suggest Army Major, a link to the Military Plans and Military Experimentation of the Whitehead Family.
3. J.A.W. suggests eaten by the Sharks or sucker punched on the Jaw from the Glass House, the Royal House of Windsor, which suggests the Whitehead family have a ‘Glass Jaw’ and being thus Knocked-Out with every Royal Punch as for generations, the Whitehead‘s did not know where their troubles were from.
4. J.A.H. suggests a Germanic expression of ‘Yes’, as the Whitehead’s were likely used for all manner of Royal German/Nazi Military Experimentation.
5. H.A.P. suggests ‘Happy’, though witchcraft reversal, so try and keep the Whiteheads unhappy though surviving the hidden onslaught of Military Abuses though very much with a smile from the Armed Services. Effectively, ‘being played like a fish’ from MI5.
6. H.A.P. suggests ‘Mishap’ given the back to front, witchcraft intentions here, the Whitehead’s were always heading for a fall, given their apparent selection to be used as a Witchcraft, Military Experimentation Family. Real evidence exists of early Whitehead deaths & misplaced trust of Military.
7. H.A.P. suggests in the context of the plan, ‘Mad Happenings’, the Whiteheads were always victim of.
8. H.A.P. or opposite of suggests ‘Hapless’, meaning unlucky or unfortunate.

Whitehead - A Bastard Family
 Note on both the Marriage certificates of Iain Robert Whitehead and Robert Sloan Whitehead, the father’s are missing or deceased, thus suggesting in Witchcraft terms, the family has a male Bastard line, thus with Kenneth, Prince William of Gloucester’s illegitimate son, the witchcraft suggestion is ’have another Bastard’!  This is indicative of a long history of Social and Military Experimentation in place upon The Whitehead Family, likely from within the Secret Intelligence Agencies of Britain.
 The manner in which, Iain Whitehead in particular was made to feel extremely special by senior commissioned officers of the Royal Navy and indeed members of the Royal Family with invitations to Royal Garden Parties and such like, where Iain was only at best an Average Nurse and Under-Average Medical Manager, judging by Iain’s Royal Navy Record with Iain’s only other attribute being an average Yachting Instructor and Outdoor Activities Monitor. Iain never had any sparkling talents at all and this coupled with the many range of serious bad habits such as uncontrollably breaking wind, heavily smoking and drinking along with poor physical appearance and a lack of understanding of money, meaning Iain wore out cheap clothes and cheap cars quickly though held onto these until they were seriously threadbare. The one aspect associated with Iain that interested the Royal Navy Hierarchy and Authorities was quite obviously Kenneth, Prince William of Gloucester’s illegitimate son.
 Iain Whitehead was utterly naive, had very low intelligence and a good eye for a bad bargain!
 There is the possibility that other illegitimate Royal children have been swapped into the Whitehead Family, as the Whitehead’s, with their traditional low intelligence and non-existent social skills have been utterly oblivious to all of the now emerging and highly obvious plots and operations from the British Secret Service. Given the historical close ties with the Whitehead Family and the British Armed Services, it is likely that third party Military Personnel have had some influence over the names chosen for Whitehead Family members, in order to ensure relating codes are recorded within names, etc, though there is also a probable element of coincidence attached to this issue also.

Successive Generations of Whitehead and Possibly Smith Family Devil Worship Abuse.
 While we do believe that given the trauma suffered by the Whitehead family that the Whitehead’s have been used as a ‘Witchcraft Worship’ Family for several generations, we do not believe that Pamela’s family, the Smith’s have been used as a Devil Worship family for successive generations. We believe that Pamela was encouraged to become married to Iain by the Royal Navy, likely as Pamela’s credentials matched the criteria that the Royal Navy were looking for. However, we cannot as yet rule out the possibility that Pamela’s family, the Smith’s have also been selected as a ‘Devil Worship’ Family for successive generations. The Smith family has traditionally been enlisted as Soldiers in the Army and there is quite a strong Military History within the Smith Family. This suggestion of the Devil Worship Establishment selecting families and successive generations for ‘Devil Worship Homage’ is not a ridiculous one as once people become involved in Devil Worship, the abandonment of Responsibility for the Abusers and a Disregard for The Law, Order & All Rights for Victims, the perpetrators crave more Devilment, making a deluded case that Devil Abuse brings rich rewards and Abusers delight playing tricks upon other human beings, using them as dumb animals for mad experimentation while being relinquished of responsibility is likely the task in hand by Official Sources. The Devil Worshipping establishment will desire for victims to feel wanted and special, it all adds to the unsuspecting nature of the Devil Worship plots against victims. Successive Generations being selected for Devil Worship Abuses does make sense as a routine is hence established and the Devil Worshippers can plot away against their victims at will and abuse them unsuspected.
 Given the high level of trauma upon the Whitehead side of the family over several generations, including Robert Whitehead dying of multiple cancers of the Brain in 1962 and only 4 years later, his daughter, Annette Whitehead dying in a mysterious late night car crash at the tender age of 21 in 1966, just a few years before Kenneth arrived as an unwanted illegitimate Royal Child, does rest as highly suspicious indeed to even the most sceptical eye.
 It is likely that the Devil Worship Establishment desires to maintain a high level of trauma within families so the family members accept this as normal. Then the Devil Worship Establishment can continue to abuse family members and murder people by horrific means.
 It is likely that elements of generations of names are coincidental in terms of having occult codes and puzzles relate to Initials and Names of successive generations, in which case such Demonic Coincidence encourages Devil Worshippers as in their minds, The Devil himself has likely brushed by this family independent of that which a Devil Worshipper can interfere with.
 Unquestionably, particularly in the case of principal victim, Mr Kenneth Robert Whitehead, the Devil Codes are real and highly obvious to the trained eye, particularly the more complex codes that involve occult links between Kenneth, his initial, pre-adopted name, ‘Paul Curtis’ and Kenneth’s natural parents, Prince William of Gloucester & Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.
 It is likely in instances, through generations of Whitehead’s, certain names have been encouraged by parents naming unborn children, to create occult codes.
 The Whitehead Family name is associated with designing and inventing the Navy Torpedo and the Whitehead Family name has had a long association with the Royal Navy. A relatively recent Whitehead relation was a senior member of the Royal Navy, Admiral Aubrey Whitehead, who died in the 1970’s.
 It is believed and evidenced to a large degree that the Whitehead family have long been used for Military Experiments, especially psychological experiments and the Whitehead family have low life expectancy.

The Whitehead’s First Child from the Adoption Agency, we named ‘Iain Whitehead’.
 Kenneth, the son that Pamela has now is not the first baby that Pamela was given from the Truro Adoption Agency, Cornwall, for one month before Pamela was given another baby Pamela named Iain.
 Iain appeared, from the single photograph that Pamela has of him to have quite a square head. The Square Head or Jerry Helmet is Navy / Army slang for The German.
 British Royal Family are mostly German from Prince Albert of Prussia’s line after marriage to Queen Victoria. The current Royal Family originate from the Hanovers of Germany.
 In terms of the Witchcraft codes and suggestions that are rampant in Kenneth’s case and run through all of the official records and documentation, it is likely The Royal Navy & Royal Family Witchcraft Code or suggestion is, ‘Well, Iain, if that Square Head or Hun is not good enough for you (back to front as the child was being returned to his natural parents), then we will just have to get you a real Jerry!’ This is reference to Kenneth’s Germanic origins via the Royal Family and likely also via his natural mother, Hungarian born Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff who has a strong Germanic heritage.
 A ‘Real Jerry’ would obviously be suggestive of an illegitimate member of the British Royal Family.
 Pamela does not now believe that she was ever going to be left with the first child she named Iain, this was merely an upsetting ruse by British security to ensure that Pamela became over protective towards Kenneth and would not allow his natural mother to take him back in future should she want to, or become between Pamela and Kenneth. It is however, likely that the original baby Pamela was given in October 1968 was actually swapped with Kenneth who is Pam’s son now sometime in 1970 to 1971. There had been so much anguish within Pamela and husband, Iain Whitehead over adopting a child, especially after losing the first baby as apparently his parents wanted him back, that Pamela and Iain dare not ask any questions regarding Kenneth. The Royal Navy put Pamela and Iain into this state of mind and concern to allow them to swap over another child in the coming months, while keeping father, Iain away from the home, at sea on Navy ships which further confused identifying Kenneth as a baby, coupled with the fact that all babies do have a similar appearance to each other. Swapping Kenneth when he was ready, with a 2nd child was an easy matter back in 1970-1971. The issue of likely child-swapping in this case is very much a ‘witchcraft’ strategy, adding to the Occult Code relating to these circumstances.
 This strange emotional abuse from the Authorities would ensure it would be far more likely that Pamela would become over protective towards Kenneth for Pamela did not want to lose another child, especially when Pamela had worked quite hard at having Kenneth as her own son. This emotional abuse over the first child and Pamela’s, reaction to it would also ensure that Kenneth’s natural mother would be ‘put off’ from attempting to establish a bond with her own natural son that is Kenneth.
 This situation with Pamela’s first son, Iain, and the emotional abuse Pamela suffered relates strongly to Kenneth’s predicament and was unquestionably severe Psychological Strategy. Undoubtedly, on reflection of the facts, it appears this situation was also sick humour by Royal Navy Personnel.

Whitehead Mortality (Study). - 34years 3months Lifespan.
 Take as example, 3 Generations of Whitehead’s, Robert Sloan, who died aged 52 years in 1962, Annette Whitehead who died aged 21 years in 1966 and Grant Whitehead who died aged 34 years in 2007, add Kenneth, who survived successive Murder Plots by Special Forces SAS/Police until he was severely Disabled on 10.02.1999, aged 30, (same age as Prince William when he died on 27.08.1972 and the same age of Death as the Players in the 1960’s Cult Movie - ‘’Logan’s Run’’). We have for this study included Kenneth as one of the deceased, (as Kenneth almost died in the car crash murder plot of 10.02.1999), resulting in 137 years divided by 4 = 34years 3months lifespan. Now you need to go back to the Dark Ages to find this type of Mortality. Add to this a serious Rape Frame-Up of Grant Whitehead and that Andrew Barclay was certified Insane as a Teenager and there is a serious problem here!
 It is believed that a large number of Military Personnel, including possible Royal Family Members are engaged in practicing regular Occult Abuses against Kenneth and the Whitehead Family.
 As example, in Scotland, Kenneth experienced a very high level of physical aggression from the local community in Argyll and though an expert in self-defence, there were a few occasions where even the powerfully built athletic Kenneth almost succumbed to multiple individuals engaging in physical fighting contact with him, which could have easily resulted in Kenneth’s murder. Criminal gangs and unreliable security personnel in Scotland, coupled to a completely racist and corrupt Police Force have substantially ‘mystified’ the situation and seriously hampered investigation efforts into this case.
 Kenneth now lives in relative safety in a house in England, though threats to his welfare still remain.

 There are a considerable number of Scottish Terms and Terminology within the Secret Codes, that suggest some if not substantial involvement from Scottish sources, who likely matched Kenneth with Iain and Pamela as a family among the long-time abused Whitehead Family.
 Given the considerable issues relating to Witchcraft in these circumstances and apparent ‘Devil Codes’ for all to see very clearly, it does appear that the strong suggestion here is that Kenneth was receiving from the Royal Family, an alternative family and a ‘Family from Hell‘, a ‘Devil’s Family’ relative to the life that Kenneth is from, namely as a genuine illegitimate member of the British Royal Family and the son of Prince William of Gloucester who died in a plane crash on 28.08.1972. In hindsight, it is likely that Iain Whitehead was simply being made a fool of by the Royal Navy, this was a strong probability from the outset and beginning of Iain‘s Navy career.
 There is a strong suggestion that British Intelligence has placed the illegitimate son of Prince William (d.1972), born to his Jewish Hungarian girlfriend of the late 1960’s era, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, with an adoptive family that would be an unsuitable upbringing for a member of the Royal Family. It is likely that there is some form of hidden Royal Devil Homage or Worship to Satan relating to all of these codes though in the same context there represents a very clear series of codes that establish substantial links between the natural parents of Kenneth/Paul Curtis, they being Prince William (d.1972) and his Jewish Hungarian girlfriend of the late 1960’s era, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff.  
 Kenneth was obviously born of the British Royal Family and the nature of the operation was in essence ridding the Royal Family of an unwanted Royal Child, with a Homage to The Devil as an extra hope that the Royal Sacrifice would bring good fortune to the Royals, which was untrue and a serious mistake.
 Rather than be alarmed by these proven Satanic Codes which are evident and are obviously written into all of Kenneth’s original and Official Records, including Birth Records, Kenneth certainly welcomes the clear evidence that these occult codes prove a clear link to Kenneth and his natural parents Prince William (d.1972) and Jewish Hungarian-American girlfriend of the late 1960’s era, Mrs Zsuzui Starkloff, along with these Codes establishing a clear link to the British Royal Family and the nature of the Military Operation in hand here.
 These Occult Codes and links represent excellent policing work likely by members of the British Intelligence Services who were coerced into inappropriately ridding the British Royal Family of an unwanted child. However, noting these occult codes greatly assisted Kenneth and the investigation.
 It appears certainly possible that the Whitehead Family had been singled out for ‘Witchcraft’ Abuse by the British Establishment long before Kenneth was adopted to the family, given the strange parallels to occult codes of the names and initials of all of the Whitehead Family Members.
 Iain was a ‘milksop’ and a young boy used by loyalist sources, a member of the Boys Brigade and Life Boys, the similar predecessor to The Sea Cadet Corps Youth Organisation. It is likely that the British Authorities have had influence over the names of the Whitehead Family Members and have probably been pairing other vulnerable and unsuspecting individuals with The Whiteheads for a very long time.
 The Whitehead Family Line has been utterly decimated by MI5 and Royal Devil Worship Homage over Generations, so much so that there are no more Whitehead’s in the male line left from the Robert Sloan Whitehead family, the Grandfather of Kenneth. With Kenneth changing his surname back to Windsor the Whitehead name will become defunct with no new generations being created due to the effects of the major Establishment’s Secret War upon the Whitehead Family initiated by MI5, The Police & Royal Family. This represents The End of The Whitehead Name!
 The Mortality Rate of The Whitehead Family is shocking, 34 years as per the above study.
 The Whiteheads have likely been a British Intelligence ‘Witchcraft Family’ for several Generations, hence the interest in The Whitehead’s at an abnormally high level, within Military Spheres and The British Royal Family, given the historically poor achievements of Whitehead Family Members.
 A very low life expectancy of 34 years coupled with continued harassment and imprisonment upon the Whitehead siblings resulted in no offspring whatsoever from 3 Whitehead men, including Kenneth himself. House Burglaries have been frequent with items having been robbed from the properties of Kenneth R. Whitehead on more than 12 occasions and the adopted mother of Kenneth, Pamela, has experienced at least 3 House Burglaries. Interference by the British Authorities has been extensive coupled to a desire by the Police to ‘frame’ Kenneth and other family members for major crimes. However, Kenneth is a very decent person and just not the type to commit serious crimes at all !!
 Only real interest the British Establishment has in the Whiteheads is Abusing them for Witchcraft


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