Duke Of Gloucester Reunited

Royal Navy House Codes

The Royal Navy House Code
& Scottish Special Council House Codes.
 Below can be seen the 3 main addresses that the British Authorities had influence over in terms of placing the Whitehead ‘Witchcraft Family’ into accommodation to begin a host of occult abuses upon the family, in particular, Kenneth, Prince William of Gloucester’s (d.1972) son to Zsuzui Starkloff.

1. Bull Point Caravan Park, Plymouth, England. (For a gypsy illegitimate Prince).
Plymouth Code is; ‘’Multi-Grains of Verbal, Spoken, Truth travelling in opposite directions from the well known plying the trade of the Royals of Deception and Lies.’’
Plymouth is also, The ‘Plimsoll’ Plan, for a cheap and nasty (Royal), child from The Royal Gumshoe Department  (American Detective), which is suggestive of involvement from the American Police Force that so did assist the Royal Protection Squad with the cover-up of Kenneth into his life with a new identity. Devon has a history of kidnapping and abduction from the bygone historical days of the much feared evil, Barbary Corsairs that used to sail from North Africa, in particular, Morocco, to kidnap people from Cornwall and Devon, England, to be used as slaves.

It was a ‘Witchcraft’ move to perform the same routine in the 20th Century upon the illegitimate son of Prince William of Gloucester that is Kenneth Robert Whitehead, otherwise known as ‘Paris’/KRW.

 Bull Point Caravan Park was chosen in as much to ‘’get to the point with the bull’’, William’s ‘bull’. 

2. 13 Tovey Road, Royal Navy Married Quarters, Rosyth, Scotland.
The family of the late Iain Robert Whitehead, (d.05.06.2006), wife, Pamela Ann Whitehead and Kenneth were housed by The Royal Navy at 13 Tovey Road, Royal Navy Married Quarters, Rosyth Naval Base, Fife, Scotland. The number 13 is synonymous as The Devil’s Number and with bad luck. The Devil’s other number is obviously ‘666’, noted as ‘The Number of The Beast‘. Tovey is very close to ‘Stovie’, which are Scottish scone type snacks cooked on a stove plate and this suggests Kenneth and the Whitehead Family all, were ‘cooking nicely on the fire’, until the Royal Beast rears it’s head once more to kill a hapless member of the Whitehead Family as has happened frequently for generations.

The street Tovey Road, is named after Admiral Tovey, famous for sinking the German Battleship Bismark in WWII and this is likely a poke at Kenneth’s origins being Hungarian-Germanic as 13 Tovey Road would sink the little Hun Royal, Kenneth also as in Admiral Tovey’s ghost will haunt the little Hun Royal!

3. 7 Shandon Brae in Balloch, Loch Lomond, Scotland.
The Whitehead family were given a council house at 7 Shandon Brae in Balloch, 7 being a supposed ‘lucky’ number, though in Devil Worship code, this is obviously reversed and thus the number 7 is the most unlucky number there is! In this context, number 7 is worse than number 13 as a house number! The house was also built by a Housing Association called ‘Scottish Special’, translating to ‘English Crap’ in Devil Worship Terminology. Thus the Whitehead family would be given ‘Prince William’s ‘Crap Child’ to the Unluckiest House in Scotland, The Hammer House of Horrors! This speaks volumes for the History of the House, with both Robert Sloan Whitehead, who died of Multiple Brain Cancers in 1962, the adopted grandfather of Kenneth and Annette Margaret Whitehead, who died in a serious Road Traffic Incident (Murder) in 1966, from a broken neck and horrific lacerations, both of these Whitehead’s dying prematurely from this house at 7 Shandon Brae, Balloch, Loch Lomond, Strathclyde.

It was from this house in 1991 that Grant Duncan Whitehead was Arrested and then Convicted of the Frame-Up Charge of Rape of a woman in broad daylight in Balloch Country Park, in 1989, when Grant was only 16 years old,. Grant was very thin, incapable as a young man and did not match the description of the photo fit that the Police had of the Suspect. Grant Whitehead, later renamed to Grant Shannon was virtually unable to lift and carry a small bag of potatoes any distance let alone violently bring down a heavy, fully grown woman and subject her to a horrific ordeal of Rape In The Woods in broad daylight. This Fit-Up Offence by the Police simply could not have been the responsibility of Grant Whitehead. 

There are other peculiarities relating to 7 Shandon Brae, Balloch, not only is it the most unlucky house in terms of Witchcraft but the idea of ‘Beasting a Low Intelligence Scottish Family’ and ‘Beasting the illegitimate Son of Prince William’ all reeks of a plan that requires lashings of stiff alcohol, such is the Madness of the Operation by British Special Forces in hand here. This is exactly what the ‘Whitehead Family Beasting’ Plan is, Drunken! Shandon Brae suggests ‘Shandy Brae’ as in Kid’s Lemonade and stiff Lager mixed together and as Shandon Brae lies next to Loch Lomond, this is suggestive of ‘Loch Lomond Whiskey’ aka the Tin Tin Cartoons and that Loch Lomond Whiskey that Captain Haddock drinks… constantly. This smacks of the early relationship that Kenneth and adopted father Iain had, with Iain as the Royal Navy Captain Haddock and of course Kenneth as the Adventuring Tin Tin figures, with Iain teaching Kenneth to sail on the River Forth, in preparation for many sporting achievements and substantial earnings from a range of business enterprises, with measured adventure along the way. This does make sense in Witchcraft, Occult Terms.

Prince William of Gloucester was a professional Adventurer that travelled the World in his small range of aircraft, including visits to Africa, Japan and America and was too a Tin Tin type Adventurer figure, thus the suggestion that Captain Haddock of Loch Lomond and of ’The Loch Lomond Whiskey Shop’, the mad drunken plan underway at 7 Shandon Brae, which was looking after, (though upside down), Prince William of Gloucester’s illegitimate son is another riddle match, likely originated by the Secret Intelligence Services, MI5, MI6.

The Devil Is Coming… To Rip Your Life Apart…


At the heart of all of these occult signs, signals, codes and riddles is a clear desire to abuse Kenneth for ‘witchcraft homage to the devil’, to offer a great Royal child to the devil for abuse, this is clear and you had better hold on tight because here it comes…

Numerous individuals, gangs, thugs and hoods pursued Kenneth relentlessly in Balloch, Dumbartonshire, Scotland from 1982 until 1992 when he left the area for it became obvious that local criminals and gangs were ‘put onto Kenneth’ by corrupt Strathclyde Police Officers, ‘to hunt Prince William’s son to the death!’

However, the criminal fraternity came up against a very tough young man in Kenneth Whitehead and found themselves being beaten back and defeated as Kenneth was a champion sports boy, very fit and could deal with the daily pressures of living in poor housing, chosen by his socially unaware adopted father, Iain Whitehead.

Balloch and it’s country park is often the scene of crime, some moderate, some serious and on Friday 25.08.1989, the local newspaper featured an apparent serious incident of rape in Balloch Park. Kenneth would never harm any  women, that is ridiculous, Kenneth has a very decent, upstanding, philanthropist attitude coupled to a long history of police and naval affiliations, Kenneth being a member of many Royal Navy organisations, including the Sea Cadets since the age of 6 years.

Kenneth was soon stopped in Balloch and taken into the crime incident centre, a temporary police cabin in the car park in Balloch to be questioned. Kenneth was almost charged with the offence of rape as he appeared to look exactly like the perpetrator including an abnormality with the left eye. However, Kenneth was released by the police and would never harm any women, it’s just not Kenneth!

Over a year later and Kenneth’s young adopted brother, Grant, was arrested for this offence, even though at the time, Grant was a thin, relatively short child of barely 16 years, that was not capable of exerting the necessary forces to carry out a serious assault, detention, removal of clothing and rape on a large woman. Grant was pressured by the police to admit to the crime, which after some time, he did!

Grant was a child that suffered from a learning disability though once Grant was publicised as the offender, a large number of attacks began upon the Whitehead house, the windows were smashed in and a mesh grill was placed over the lounge window, seen right. Grant served 4 years in a young offenders institution and died in mysterious circumstances in a quad-bike drama on 14.06.2007, he was 34 years old.

 We now believe these incidents were all Witchcraft Attacks…


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